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Temple of Debod

Again we got up quite early because again we were starving!!! Since most of the shops are close on Sunday’s we went to the Parque de la Montaña, near the center of the city to see the Templo de Debod. From this Parque (Park) I could also have a great view from Madrid and from the Royal Palace. I took some quick photos because we had a long lunch and my time was running out. I had the flight schedule for 20:00 and I still needed to take the subway to the airport. This journey would take more or less 50 minutes, so I went home to pick up my stuff and say goodbye to Leo’s mom, sister and brother.


The journey took exactly 50 minutes and we were suppose to meet Félix at the airport but we were delayed because Barajas airport had installed a system that in my opinion is there just to “take money from the tourists and people that need to travel by plain” and that of course use the subway.

Me with the Royal Palace in the backround.
Basically I needed to pay 1 euro to pass through a door!!! Of course they only have 3 or 4 doors working so you can imagine the confusion…dozens of people arriving every minute stuck in queues to given them a euro! It’s just depressive! Oh, the best part…of course you have to pay to do the opposite…to go to the subway!!!


Did my check in and stayed there for a bit talking to my friends standing since the airport (at least in that area) hadn’t a coffee place.


Went through the security and of course I’ve beeped!!! Didn’t had anything on me but I’ve beeped. After checking me I could finally do some shopping at the duty free shop.


Arrived at the gate with all my bags to realize that the flight was……delayed!!  I waited 90 minutes before the plain was there….so in short I left Madrid with 140 minutes behind schedule, would arrive at Schiphol around 00:00, and I would need to get up to go to work at 06:00 in the morning…….but I had a great time!

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Temple of Debod
Temple of Debod
Me with the Royal Palace in the ba…
Me with the Royal Palace in the b…
A nice view from Madrid...
A nice view from Madrid...
photo by: vulindlela