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Make no mistake, Ibiza is an expensive place. More so if you choose to act like a poser and stay at the dj's hotels and hire a convertible...

So we had gone out originally to support a friend of ours who was warming up for Tiesto at Cream at the opening parties at the beginning of summer. And when he was asked back to do the closing parties as well we all hopped on a plane right back again for a week instead of a weekend. While it sounds expensive to have hired a convertible, we did actually do more than many of our friends who patronised the bars and clubs night after night while we explored the island and saw all sorts of places most people never get the chance to know.

The hotel was called Es Vive a funky art deco boutique-style hotel with regular pool parties, Hed Kandi decor, space-age design cocktail bar etc. We lapped it up till we realised that while we were acting wanky to be ironic, the rest of the clientele were actually utter strutters and posers. But we didn't let that spoil our fun too much!

The first day we checked out Sant Josep and Cala Moli, a secluded beach. We were checking out the best places for sunrise and sunsets for much of the first days in fact. That night we went to Can Cans for dinner.

The next day we checked out Santa Euloria and Cala something (Calana?), regular beach towns as I recall, with shops of buckets and spades etc. Some time that day we stumbled across a nudist beach on the east side. Here we enjoyed getting an all-over tan and skinny dipping without fear or embarrassment! We agreed it was the perfect place to watch the sunrise so the next morning we got up very early, about 3am and drove to the nudist beach. It was a dark and thundery night still, and we could see that the storm raging in the distance was almost exactly where we were heading. It was quite spooky actually, and I was quite afraid, but when we arrived at the beach we could see both the thunder and lightning lashing at the cliffs to the left of the bay, and also the beautiful sunrise beginning over the sea horizon. It was a truly beautiful morning, and we were able to enjoy a couple of hours of total solitude as the sun rose, lying naked on the sun bleachers waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.

[PHOTO_ID_L=agua_blanca_ibiza.gif] After a few hours we agreed it was already enough sun so we headed back to San Antonio for breakfast and juice in my favourite place, Passion Juice Bar (right opposite Space). It is beyond me why anyone eats the ubquitous burgers and pizzas in third-rate eateries round Ibiza! Especially when there is a lovely place serving freshly-made fruit smoothies and pancakes nearby.[PHOTO_ID_R=steve_-_i_dont_think_much_of_this_ibiza_lark.jpg]

Anyway that day I slept at the hotel while Andy got some diving done. And that night we went to Subliminal Sessions at Pacha. Like many of these things, I don't remember a lot, but I do remember immediatley noting the danger of red lighting with terracotta flooring which was to be my un-doing later when I missed my footing at the top of some stairs, fell fowards with my glass in my hand which smashed and which I then slid right through on my hands and knees showing my knickers to everyone behind me. Hmmm. Classy.[PHOTO_ID_R=ibiza_closing_parties_pacha_andy_n_me.jpg]

Next day we invited a couple of friends over to enjoy our hotel so we spent most of the day round the pool chatting and drinking. Aside from a comedy swerve moment when it started to rain and I slipped trying to run up the marble hotel steps and cracked my head. Should have had concussion by now but thankfully I could still say my name and count to 10. We were taking it easy because tonight was [PHOTO_ID_L=ibiza_closing_parties_pacha_2.jpg] the culmination of everything we had come for; watching our friend play at Cream @ Amnesia. It was magnificent, as you'd expect, with ice cannons and much good feeling. That said I really did start to hate everybody after a while, suffering as I do with claustrophobia. I had to get into a space in the other room where I was at least 5 metres away from everyone else to calm down. Until an extremely irritating man started a very weird preening dance interspersed with latino-style exaggerated clapping who would have caused me to implode were it not so funny. As it was we decided that on our planet, if we could choose who could stay and who would go, he would definitely stay for entertainment...[PHOTO_ID_R=ibiza_closing_parties_pacha.jpg]

[PHOTO_ID_L=ibiza_closing_parties_simon.jpg] The final day according to my notes we also spent all day at the hotel. But I know that that's not all we did. The amusing thing is that while I clearly have lists and notes of the island places we went, I have neglected to record the actual clubbing things we went to. For instance Tribe of Frog at Las Dalias, Eric Morillo Closing Party set at somewhere, Space, [PHOTO_ID_R=ibiza_sept_04_eddie_80s_cool.jpg] cocktails all night at the 'Experience Bar' at the Hotel Es Vive. We managed to pack a lot in and yet the things I wanted to record were the more cultural exploration things we did. Tribe of Frog particularly deserves a mention for being just the most astonishingly decorated place I've evr been. It's not easy to get to but I urge you to make the journey, it's worth it, there's nothing else like it on Ibiza. And if you can't get there go to Tribe of Frog in Bristol to get a taste! We spoke briefly to one of the organisers who explained that they have warehouses full of themes, and that each week's theme takes a day and a half to put up (so all of friday and saturday to put up for Saturday night's party) and a day and a half to take down again (all done by Monday!).

That night we enjoyed a romantic dinner at a beautiful restaurant called Bambuddha Grove; a Balinese Banjak specialising in Thai, Indonesian, Japanese & Meditteranean food. They have produced a series of CDs too, of ambient chill-out music, the first of which was on our table. I read through it and in the insert it explained a story of 3 wise lamas arriving on the magical island of Ibiza, and how they connected with the essence because this female Scorpio island, blessed by Tanit, the ancient Phoenician Goddess of Love, is a magical place etc etc. I probably don't need to point out to manyy readers that my name is both Tannith and that I'm Scorpio. I knew the history of my name anyway, though it was a delight to be on an island where it is common knowledge and where even hotels are called Tanit! But I thought my mum would appreciate the CD seeing as she gets the credit for naming me. Sadly the shop claimed it was out of stock, since it was the first CD and had long-since sold out. However we happened to bump into the owner and founder and stopped to compliment him on his restaurant and happened to mention why CD1 was significant to us, and he was generous enough to go and locate one for us. Which was a nice touch to the end of a very special, exhausting but wonderful week on the island of Ibiza.
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photo by: kristinasub