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The day they got married on thir Single Knot Wedding
The most wonderful way to spend a wedding! Luke and Megan met in France while he was on a university sandwich year and she was living in Grenoble. They knew their romance couldn't last but somehow despite breaking up for practical reasons when they moved back to their respective countries, they rekindled it as soon as she visited UK again and they began a series of visits back and forth for the next year. Eventually it became clear that they couldn't afford to keep doing this so they started to wonder if maybe they shouldn't try living in the same country, and if so, then perhaps they should get married to facilitate this. Luke thought long and hard, was this a crazy thing to do? Eventually he decided that he'd always wonder if he didn't try, so he upped and moved to Boulder USA and got himself a marriage license with Megan.
The one photo I got of the ranch before I learnt the first lesson of owning a digi camera - take your charger!

A year later, having decided that in fact it had been definitely the right thing to do, they invited all their family and friends to celebrate their 'double knot wedding' in Colorado. Considering the distances people were travelling it clearly made sense to have a week long celebration where people could really settle in and get to know each other.

I arrived late on the 11th August after 19 hours of flying (including stopovers) and 3 hours of drive up into the mountains. Since the wedding party were already down in town celebrating the stag and hen nights I thought I would sit out in the yard and watch the Leonid meteor shower knowing how fantastic the show would be in such a location. It was not to be however, as the wedding party came and pulled me out of the house and down to join the party. I had a lot of catching up to do, and I did very quickly. Let it be noted that alcohol at altitude has a more pronounced effect!

Next day we all moved from the bridal house to the ranch where we would be living for the next few days. I moved in with Casey, one of Megan's friends, in a 2 bed log cabin over-looking the lake. The sun shone furiously onto the green hills and mountains, and the sky seemed bluer than I'd ever seen it.

That night we had dinner in the ranch bar and then we all joined in a scavenger hunt in groups to start getting to know each other and get to know the layout of the ranch. Colorado is hot during the day but at night temperatures drop dramatically so running around helped keep us warm. However, seeing as it was new territory and none of us was familar with the ranch there was quite a lot of stumbling in the dark and bumping into things, especially when some clues were in the woods and near the river!

Next day we all took a hike up to Pearl Lake which is where Luke and Megan celebrated their marriage a year before on a camping trip. I probably should have had proper shoes and not flip flops. C'est la vie.

That night we had a western-themed rehearsal dinner, so we'd all been instructed to bring fancy dress costume. This was naturally huge fun and an opportunity for everyone to get in character. What was more funny was the addition of real-live red-necks on horses from further in the mountains who turned up to gate-crash the party much to our amusement.

The next day was the actual wedding. We all went down to a forest clearing beside a river that trickled and babbled over smooth stones. They stood beneath a vined tressle with red, orange and yellow flowers and gave their second vows with a comedic pastor. It was a stunningly beautiful setting and afterwards we had dinner and dancing in a marquee decorated with white roses. Megan's family taught everybody blue grass dancing which is exhausting I don't mind telling you and we drank and danced late into the night.

The final day we spent shopping in Steamboat where they lived, buying souveniers, cowboy hats and boots and exploring before hopping back on a plane home.
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The day they got married on thir S…
The day they got married on thir …
The one photo I got of the ranch b…
The one photo I got of the ranch …
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