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Directed by Doug Aitken

The only time I enjoyed myself in LA was in 02 with Mike & Lisa.  Every other time, including this past one, has been below average.  This summer I was trapped at my cousin's house in a gated community in Brentwood, unable to leave and get back in without them escorting me.  I had wanted to explore some neighborhoods I hadn't been in.  At the Promenade in Santa Monica I saw the spikes Mike Davis wrote about in City of Quartz, to keep the homeless from sitting down like the spikes on signs and overhangs to keep the birds off.  And the rounded benches to prevent them from being slept on.

LA is definately self-aware at a level other cities in the States aren't.  Something might need to be done about this.

I did serendipitously stumble upon some locations where Bruno Dumont's Twentynine Palms was shot.  Remembering that film resonated with my experience in LA.  This was en route to the Joshua Tree forest in the Mojave Desert, which was spectacular except for the vicious bees and giant flies.  I kept hearing an insect that I was unfamiliar with... it sounded almost like someone operating a circular saw a few doors down, pretty high pitch.  It seemed to be a tight beam of sound, because if you moved out of its path you wouldn't hear it as well.  Sometimes it was definately coming from only a couple feet away, but I never saw it.  Any ideas?

Anyone know anything about the Shadow People in the desert??

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Directed by Doug Aitken
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