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I took the train from Zurich to Venice... quite a long ride. I was surprised that the train was so crowded! I don't think I've been on such a busy train yet!

I ran into an American family on the train, they were in the same cabin as me, coincidentally. They were from New Orleans and decided to take a side trip to Zurich while on there way to Venice. It was nice to talk so much, and in English!

Unfortunately, tourist season's in full swing here, and I'm running into a few of the negatives you hear about tourist cesspools: sleezy guys, long lines, hiked up prices, and tons of people! I decided to get myself acquainted with the city and walked around. It really was quiet with no cars anywhere.

My first impression of Venice: wow. The city really took me for a doozy -- all the gorgeous water. I thought for a second that this was what dreams were made of. Then I realized that this dream would be expensive. it's hard to not eat here. All I want to do is gobble up food, but the prices here for food are INSANE. So, I had a pizza, a really good one from a pizzeria Ae Oche. My pizza was called Appetitiso, and it was mighty appetizing, sausage, mushroom, and provela on moz. Awesome! I ate the whole thing. I wasn't about to hold back. I love Italian food, and it kills me that eveything is so expensive. For the whole day today, I've been eating at snack bars, getting sandwiches and Coke. Maybe I'll have something awesome tomorrow.

Odds and ends:
Travel to: train... yay!
Travel around: foot and water bus (vaporetto)
Hostel: Albergo Antico Capon -- more on this tomorrow
Food: pizza!! and gelato...
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photo by: asturjimmy