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I've been telling everyone, "I'm going to Europe this summer." Turns out that I wasn't lying. I head out on May 28th, 2006. This weblog will be a journal of sorts for all my friends and family (that's you). Don't mind me if the entries tend to be largely reflective, but I'll do my best to describe the locations and sights and sounds of the beautiful places that I'll be visiting.

As for the places I'll be visiting...

I'm starting my adventure with a little backpacking. I'm hoping to catch some great views of the Alps in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, so I'll be traveling by train. We'll see how this works.

Then June 10th to June 25th, I'll be volunteering at the Cornell University Halai and East Lokris Project at Theologos, Greece. Theologos is about 75 miles north of Athens. I am volunteering through Volunteers for Peace, a non-profit organization in the States. I'll be working with a team of volunteers. We'll be preparing the archaeological site of Halai for later study by weedin and backfilling open trenches. I'll be staying at the Coleman/Purdy property in Vivos, Greece (2 miles from Theologos).

After all this, I'll be making my way to Ireland, where I'll be studying at National University Ireland-Galway from June 29th to July 29th. I'll be studying Irish culture and traditional arts. Galway is on the western side of Ireland, where you get all those beautiful green landscapes.

Postscript: this travel blog is adapted from the blog and a journal I kept while I was abroad. I just want to share my last experience and compile all the travels, stories, and photos of the trip! Enjoy!
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