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See, I REALLY got my diploma. (too bad its empty)
I'm starting this particular journal for several reasons.

1) When I went to Spain I was not only visiting a country I had been wanting to go to but I was also visiting a friend that I absolutely adore. Before the trip she kept telling me all of the places she would take me and all the people I would meet and I would reply, "Christine, please feel no pressure in bringing me around like a tourist. I just want to see where you brush your teeth every morning."

As nice as it was to be taken to all of the beautiful monuments and gorgeous sights, some of the best times I had in Spain was when I was shadowing her daily activities and when we created our own by-accident-adventures.

2) I just graduated from Drew University and I am in a transition period. I am currently in Cape May, NJ for the summer working as an art teacher at a Summer Art Camp.
Classic Family Photo. :)
I am moving to Summit, NJ in mid-August for an internship at the Visual Art Center of New Jersey for their annual International Juried Art Show. It ends in May and then I dont know what is next. That means no trips to far off lands in the near future (or at least until May 2008).

3) After importing all of my old journal entries from some of my previous trips...I am ready to continue writing about some of my adventures and mis-aventures in the good 'ole United States of America. ::tongue in cheek::

So welcome to my "Life in Transition" journal...where you'll find out more about where I brush my teeth and how I go about some of my (selective) interesting daily activities. :)
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See, I REALLY got my diploma. (too…
See, I REALLY got my diploma. (to…
Classic Family Photo. :)
Classic Family Photo. :)
Cape May
photo by: cimtech