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The first maxi we got on.

After yesterday’s debacle six of us decided to get an early start and see the rest of the island. There were only resorts in our immediate area, so we started walking down the street to an intersection featuring a few small stores. It was a lot further away than we remembered and the street upon which we walked had no sidewalk, making our journey a quasi-suicidal venture. The bride spied a bus stop (I thought it was just a park bench) so we waited, and in a few minutes a private bus (a ‘maxi taxi’ according to the bride) passed and we flagged it down. The groom wanted to visit Pirates Bay, a place where several well-known movies I’ve never seen were filmed. The maxis apparently operate within defined zones and ours couldn't take us all the way to Pirates Bay, so our driver instead took us to a local mall and called his friend to pick us up and take us the rest of the way.

DJ Tito's party maxi!
We had about an hour until he arrived, so we walked around the mall  like a bunch of teenagers. 

The bride had told us that the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) chain was popular in Trinidad. We were very skeptical, as anyone who has ever eaten KFC in the States would be, for it's greasy and badly cooked a good day, and I don't want to try to describe to you how it is on a bad day. However, the bride had studied at a culinary school and she cooked well, so I figured she knew what she was talking about. There was a KFC in the mall, so I decided to try some, and it was delicious! Apparently the Trinbagonians (as Trinidadians and Tobagonians are collectively known) won’t compromise taste for convenience, as demonstrated by the fact that McDonald’s tried to establish itself in Trinidad and Tobago and failed miserably.

The LED light changed color, and together with the blue leather interior it really set the mood.
  I'm so happy to know there's at least one place in the world I can go and not see the golden arches.

Our new maxi arrived and we met DJ Tito. His wasn't the typical utilitarian vehicle - far from it.  Tito had a padded, dark blue leather interior with an LED light ball in the roof that changed colors. He turned on his soca music, we turned on his light, and we had a mobile party during the hour-long trip to Pirates Bay.  We even stopped at a store along the way for munchies and beer. 

Pirates Bay is located in Charlotteville, Tobago, and you can reach the bay by an overland route or by boat. The groom said the overland route contained a stairway consisting of about 170 steps. Some of the folks in our party wore flip-flops and weren’t terribly keen of going for an impromptu hike, so we decided to hire a fishing boat.

Our captain and the boat we took to Pirates Bay.
The captain seemed a good, solid sort as did his young son, who bailed out the boat before we got in. I haven’t been on (or is it 'in'?) many boats in my life, so I enjoyed the short, scenic ride to the bay. I didn’t think the bay was anything special; that said, I tend to enjoy the land more than the water, and think every beach looks pretty much the same. We told the captain we’d spend a half-hour on the beach, so he took the boat some distance out and worked his nets while we walked around taking pictures. Exactly 30 minutes later the captain returned for us, and three of us decided to return to Charlotteville via the overland route, while the other three returned by boat. We made the right choice, as you can see from picture I took from the lookout atop Pirates Bay, which presented a magnificent view of the entire area.
Charlotteville, as seen from the boat we took to Pirates Bay.
The walk took us only 20 minutes and wasn’t hard in my opinion, and on the way we noticed signs to rent rooms in the houses overlooking the bay for 150 TT (less than $25 USD) a night. I’m sure they would make a fantastic low-cost romantic getaway (hint, hint). ;)

Tito had waited for us during our excursion, and on the way home we stopped in Scarsborough (Tobago’s capital) to pick up two buckets of KFC chicken to take back to the hotel. I really, REALLY miss that crispy, spicy, delicious chicken right now. (sigh...) We took our tasty prize back to the groom's suite and had a party. Later, some of us wanted to visit the beach because that morning we had found the tracks of a sea turtle that had come ashore to lay its eggs.

The groom and the captain's son.
One of the all-but-useless registration desk staff from the previous day was on duty. The hotel closed the gates leading to the beach after 6 pm, so we asked her to unlock them. She effectively told us 'no' in the smarmy manner of those in the service industry who think their customers are complete idiots, so we walked to the main road outside the hotel to find our own way down. We knew from our earlier walk that if we went a mile or so to the right we'd eventually come to a road leading to the beach, but walking in the street at night didn't really appeal to us. Did I mention that Tobagonians drive a little 'hastily', and they seem to zip close by pedestrians for fun? Greg and I bade the group to wait while we set off to the left to do a bit of reconnaisance, hoping to find a passage to the beach just around the bend.
The houses overlooking Pirates Bay. Some was advertising rooms for only $25 USD a night!
We eventually found one, but it was around several bends and up a hill. It was a lovely walk though, and we felt a measure of pride when we came across the turtle nesting sign. We were gone so long that we figured the others must have given up and returned to the hotel, so I turned on my flashlight and we proceeded down the beach. We started off carefully, afraid we'd crush baby turtles making their way back to the sea. It was soon apparent that there were no turtles to be seen. Eventually we saw a light in the distance coming toward us, and we thought some other folks had come to the beach hoping to see turtles. Thinking they might have had more success than us we continued toward them, and found it was three members of our group who had gone to the right and accessed the beach via the road we saw earlier.
Approaching Pirates Bay.
Unfortunately they hadn't seen any turtles either. Still, it was a nice moonlit night on the Caribbean beach, so we stood and talked for a while before making our way back to the hotel. All the while I kept scanning the water, hoping against hope that a turtle would emerge. No such luck. Oh well... at least I have a good reason to return to Tobago one day.

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The first maxi we got on.
The first maxi we got on.
DJ Titos party maxi!
DJ Tito's party maxi!
The LED light changed color, and t…
The LED light changed color, and …
Our captain and the boat we took t…
Our captain and the boat we took …
Charlotteville, as seen from the b…
Charlotteville, as seen from the …
The groom and the captains son.
The groom and the captain's son.
The houses overlooking Pirates Bay…
The houses overlooking Pirates Ba…
Approaching Pirates Bay.
Approaching Pirates Bay.
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I think mine were the first Vibra…
Dun walking along the beach.
Dun walking along the beach.
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View of Pirate's Bay taken from t…
Eating KFC in Kents room.
Eating KFC in Kent's room.
It took us some time to find a rou…
It took us some time to find a ro…
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