Our night in the Jungle and meeting the locals! (lots of wildlife)

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So!! To an event that so nearly never was! After much deliberation and discussion with fellow campers who had experienced the overnight jungle camp we decided to brave the mosquitos and stay overnight in a shelter we would make ourselves with the help of our guide Mataious! (ala Ray Mears style!) After setting up camp using a variety of bambooshoots, hammocks and the oh-so important canopies and mosquito nets we settled down to making a campfire before expertly cooking chicken and rice over the flames and singing camp songs around the fire! THEN.....the dreaded fuzzy call of the incoming mosquitos coud be heard as darkness decended over camp resulting in Emma dressing up as a rather sexy Michilan Man in her 3 layers of clothing even though we were both in tropical conditions of over 30 degrees.

As darkness fell we we drank the few beers we had bought with us slowly, listening as the trees round us came alive with weird and wonderful sounds. Needless to say, with little to do and limited lights it was an early night for us all, I think we headed to our hammocks at 9pm to settle (!) for the night.

Even under the mosquito nets you could hear the bugs trying desperatly to get in, and eventually a lucky few did (in Emma´s hammock at least!) Sleeping at first was pretty difficut, hammocks not being too comfy and wearing layers of clothes to try to keep the mozzies out, also large bugs could be seen climbing over the mosquito nets, Andy wasn´t impressed to find a spider happily sharing with him!

So..to the noises that definatly went bump in the night, or more accuratly to the monkey noises that chattered ahead over us only adding to the constant buzz of the wildlife and the scuttering of feet often only yards away from our hammocks! Sleeping proved difficult throughout the night limiting the rest we culd gain for the morning! Eventually morning came and there were  few tired faces drinking coffee around the camp fire, where only the chance to make numerous wiker objects with the help of our guide kept Emma awake whilst Andy played with the camp fire!

On asking our guide what types of noises we heard nd what animals would have been near us the list inlcuded; Monkeys (we saw these), 2m Cayman, jungle rabbits, possoms, spiders, insects and yes...SNAKES!

Shattered we returned to camp, and flopped back a sleep for a hour or so before heading off downstream to meet a local tribe and to visit their jungle home! Once at the location we were suprised to see that these locals were not the tribal communities oftext books and that these communities live much as we do whist continuing to farm the local resources much like thier ancestors. After an educational tak on local plants, fruits and the methods of selling these goods such as a pinapple farm and a sugar cane refinery we then met the locals favourite pet!! Amongst the; chickens, ducks, pigs, cats and dogs the main attraction seemed to be the Boa!!! (See pictures!)

After being asked to help control the snake as it was angry as it had just eaten Andy ran a mile and cowered as far away from the struggling monster as possible!!  And was happy when the two men managed to get it back in its home, a wooden box.

It seemed today was the day for wildlife as when arriving back in camp one of the gudies had found a baby Taranjtula which was being head by various people. Just as Emma decided she wanted to hold it the guide rushed to pick it off one of the americans t-shirts using a cup - the spider was attacking the mans t-shirt as he was wearing insect repellent - not a spiders favourite smell evidently!  

And so to our last day in the jungle spent pirahana fishing (unsucessfully) where the highlight was the Praying Mantis expertly captured by Emma (her first good photo of the holiday!) before decenting to Manaus and transfering to Sao Paulo, the first major urban adventure of our trip and a stark contrast to the Amazon!!!!


rayneswr says:
We have been waiting to hear all about the creatures of the Amazon-thank goodness you were able to finally meet some EJ!at last a dream come true.You sound as though you are having such a wonderful time,well done Andy for being so brave-both James and I dislike snakes!
Quite the intrepid explorers!
We are enjoying your blog, thankyou for sharing your adventure with us .
Take care,hugs and kisses to both xxxx
Posted on: Aug 18, 2007
melol says:
Well,well,well!!!!!!!!!. Yes I wondered how long it would be before you encountered a snake. I know that you are quite laid back about them Emma but Andy has a real fear of them, even in the box he would have been wary of it escaping!!Must admit I have a fear of them too. Didn't realise that they got angry after they have eaten,wonder
why that is?
Still an experience!Looking forward to seeing the pictures
Glad that you've had the opportunity to see some of the wildlife.It would have been disappointing for you if you hadn't.
Looking forward to hearing about the next stage of your journey when/if you get the opportunity.
Love to both of you
Posted on: Aug 18, 2007
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