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Brian and I started off the day leaving from Alice Springs on a bus trip.  We first stopped at St. George's.  We were not able to get that close to it and I don't think anyone is allowed to climb it but not totally sure about that.  Next we headed to The Olga's.  They are a bunch of rock formations that look like a bunch of head or homer simpson lying down.  Then it was on to Ayers Rock or Uluru.  The aboriginies do not like people climbing the rock fearing that the rock is sacred but I climbed it anyway.  At the bottom there is no chain or steps, it is just you and the rock.  After going up a bit there is finally a chain that is attached to the rock that you can use to make the climb.
  The interesting thing was seeing people making the climb without any shoes on.  The climb wasn't that bad but it could be difficult for some people.  If you need the rest take it because if you slip and don't catch the chain you could be in for a world of hurt.  There have been casualties before, mostly when people have tried to climb the rock when it is wet.  Thus, the park authorities try not to let people climb it when it has rained or it looks like it is going to rain.  Once you get to the top you have a nice view to look out at.  You can keep going higher than just where the chain ends so you can explore a bit up there, then you make your way back down.  For those that do not want to make the climb you can walk a trail around the rock looking at various information boards.  Later that night we went to a camp ground and watch the sunset with the rock changing colors from the sunlight.  Nice to view and then back to Alice Springs.
bkretzer says:
Hi Michael. Looks cool!! Is there an "up" chain and a "down" chain? Or it it not an issue to pass on another?
Posted on: Jan 21, 2008
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Uluru - Kata Tjuta
photo by: Morle