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We went to the Blue Lagoon today.  Though I have to admit i am glad that I was warned about the fact that apparently you are meant to shower naked before going in.  If I had not known I don't think that I would have been prepared for that.  It wasn't too bad, but thank god it was only women!

Its definitely nothing like I have ever seen before.  Its really calm and peaceful (and apparently a good hangover cure!)  The steam comes off the water and looks like a mist.  The funniest thing was that there are warm spots within the water.  I walk out from the building in my bikini to get into the water, absolutely freezing "cold, cold, cold".  So you step in the water and are like "hot, hot, hot".  I felt like I couldn't win. 

What was really odd though was walking through water which is so cloudy that you can't see your toes.  Though since you are walking around on ash, I think that may be a good thing.  That was weird actually, it reminded me of sand, but wasn't if you get what I mean?  It was all squidgy between my toes.  Plus there are hot spots within the water itself, I walked into one bit and I felt like I was slowly being boiled alive.

I used the silica mud that was there.  Its meant to be really good for the skin.  I came pout and my skin has never felt as good.  Now I know that I have to travel regularly to Iceland if I want to have good skin - somehow i have the feeling that won't be happening.

I didn't realise that the Lagoon is man-made.  Its the water from the power station up the road.  Though when I was tol I did begin to think that i should have known since you can see the pipes from the Lagoon and you do drive past a power station on your way there, don't think that I had my best intellectual moment there somehow. 

Since I'm leaving soon there is onyl one thing that I upset about on missing.  I didn't get to try the Icelandic delicacy of putrified shark meat.  The name alone to me doesn't make me think that it would be a delicacy.  Plus having the word putrified somehow doesn't really make it sound that great.  Apparently it has quite a stench - maybe then I should think that I have had a narrow escape!  Its a shame that we cannot stay here longer because there re planty of more things that I want to do.  But Iceland is such a unique country and I would definitely like to come back here. 

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photo by: MadeleineGL