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Although it is part of the greater European community, Iceland seems to be such an alien place.  The fact that this time of the year that it only has only around 2 hours of nightime is somewhat eerie.  Though the perception that I have got since I arrived here is that the architecture really does remind me of New England in the US.  Obviously it must have been taken from the Scandinavian countries over there.

Though the mian thing that has struck me since we have arrived despite the fact that this is meant to be my Summer holiday we are north of good old Blighty (which in all fairness isn't that warm at the best of times) and well being in Iceland its not right warm outside.  Well, maybe I was a bit optimistic in deciding to pack my pair of Birkenstocks!  Probably not the smartest move that I have made in my travelling career!

Reykjavik is quite a small city, though that isn't what concerned me.  Its so quiet!  There doesn't seem to be many people around and it almost seems like everyone has gone on holiday or something.  Its the capital city of Iceland and its like an extremely quiet Sunday afternoon.  There is generally not that many people around.  What seems to baffle me is that even the buses are only every 20-30 minutes, which would be absurd back home.

We went to the National Museum of Iceland and it was pretty interesting.  It told the history of Iceland which is only around 1000 years.  I didn't know that it was uninhabited until there were Viking settlers.  Nor that it is the oldest democracy in the world.  What got me was that this was the national museum and it was so small, though the total population of the country is actually less than the entire city of Birmingham - I think.

The Pearl is opposite our hotel - not quite sure why it is called the pearl?  Apparently there is a restaurant in there with a small revolving floor, though we thought that we would not try that, since Mum did feel sick just standing on the Eiffel Tower.  Wouldn't be the best move!


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photo by: MadeleineGL