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Leaving for the airport! I was really excited!

Our flight took us from Bham to ATL to Gatwick, England. We were very fortunate in finding the best deal EVER on ticket prices!! our plane left the Bham airport at about 2PM....our adventure started right away when we HAD to leave the house, but the certificates for the hotels in Paris and London had not come in the mail yet! If we did not have the orginal certificates, we would not have anywhere to stay! AHHH! Stressful! So, Sue took us to the airport, dropped us off, drove BACK to our house and waited at the mailbox for the mailman! The post office promised us that the certificates would be in the mail! She grabbed them and headed back to the airport. We had already gone thru security, but Scott had to go back out to get the certificates, and BACK thru security AGAIN....AS THE PLANE WAS BOARDING! I was standing at the gate begging the stewardess to hold the plane! They were nice about it and we all made it on the plane and safely to ATL....

Once in ATL airport, we had some time to kill....which is good considering we had to go thru all the terminals to get to the International Terminal! We ate a bite, I made a "sleepy time" playlist on the iPod.....and we met all the little old people that were headed to England for a tour of Methodist preacher sites or something like that...I was REALLY excited about finally going to Europe though! I was trying to be "cool" like Scott, but i was having a hard time containing myself! He was sweet though and didnt act TOO embarrassed! LOL!

Oh the plane ride! That was NOT the fun part! Next time, I am asking my doctor for some valium or something so I can just sleep! Our plane left ATL at about 7:30PM Monday night and we arrived in Gatwick, England at tabout 9AM Tuesday. I am not usually a nervous flyer...I always loved plane trips as a kid! But I had not flown over water before...and I think I have watched too much LOST!!! We were fine, of course, but I did get antsy when we were flying over the North Sea and the turbulance got really bad.

teagirl79 says:
yeah the turbulance was bad. the pilot came over the loudspeaker and told the attendants to buckle in! that made me nervous!
Posted on: Oct 29, 2007
danny291 says:
ha when i went to the US for the first time in may when we were flying over Iceland we had the worst turbulence ever and it lasted for like 20 minutes + it was horrible!
Posted on: Oct 29, 2007
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Leaving for the airport! I was rea…
Leaving for the airport! I was re…
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