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Downtown Oslo in the rain. To the right, the University. Behind, the palace.

I'm not sure what was wrong with us this day.  Maybe we were tired from staying up late to watch a bad movie or maybe we were contemplating our 5am wakeup call that would occur in a few days, but we slept til about 11:30!  We woke up to a wonderful breakfast prepared by a magnificent hostess and then headed out into the rain.  We made it to a photo exhibit of Sally Mann's work.  This was impressive, not because I liked it, but because none of us could stop talking about it.  It was a temporary display of her work, including her photos of her children when they were small.  I believe it was these photos that made her famous.  They are nude photos of her children, acting naturally doing what children do in some, and posing even provacatively in others.

Going to Sally Mann's exhibit
  I don't believe she was exploiting her children and I don't believe that she was intentionally harming her children at all.  And they were her children.  However, I think that there is no amount of caution that is too great when it comes to children and that any time a child is sexualized in some way, something is wrong.  I want to make it clear that I don't believe she was trying to sexualize her children, but there was at least one picture that did come off in a provacative way and I'm not sure that's okay.  But see, that's what I liked about the exhibit.  I'm still talking about it!  I don't think I liked any of the photos, but I can see why she's famous and I can see why she's respected.  So I think that was a pretty good thing to see.

After this we walked around window shopping to make fun of the prices (it is insanely expensive there!) and then had a glass of wine at a great little wine bar in Oslo.  I can't remember the name and I came really close to finding it, but either my internet (which isn't so great) crapped out on me, or the site went down.  Anyway, it has a great atmosphere and it doesn't really matter what the name is because one glass of wine was around $15. 

At night we met up with Natalina's friends who took us to this excellent tapas bar where we drank red wine and snacked on tiny dishes.

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Downtown Oslo in the rain.  To the…
Downtown Oslo in the rain. To th…
Going to Sally Manns exhibit
Going to Sally Mann's exhibit
photo by: sarahsan