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Natalina and me in Vigeland Sculpture Park

Day One: figure out how to get from Oslo to Bergen and back without wasting our entire trip on transport.  About a year ago, we had been suckered by SAS to give up our seat to San Francisco from Copenhagen in exchange for 1200 euros worth of vouchers.  I was living in California at the time and we were trying to maintain a relationship while living 6000 miles apart.  We figured that our flights to see each other were adding up and that we needed to take this opportunity to get free flights between California and Copenhagen.  The problem (which SAS of course did not tell us) is that we could only use them on SAS flights and since SAS doesn't fly to California, the flight would only be valid to Seattle, New York, DC, or Chicago.

At the top of Vigeland Park
  Whoever was traveling would have to figure out how to get to Cal on another airline.  Long story short, we ended up with a bunch of vouchers.  So never again will I do something like that, but they did come to be pretty useful.  My friends had planned a Madrid trip so I was able to use them for that, then we signed up for the Paris Marathon and used them for that.  We tried to use them to go to Italy, but SAS, yet again, screwed us over and made up some rule (they make up rules as they go along, BTW) about not being able to use the voucher if you book the trip more than 2 days before.  I hate them, but never mind.  We still had money left to go to Norway and since I'd never been and I have a good friend there, it was a good way to spend the money.  Well, after we booked our flights to Norway, we still had 1500 Danish Kroner left, which is roughly 200 euros.
Very mad, but famous crying baby (and a picture of the statue too!)
  We were looking at flights to Stockholm, London, even Helsinki, but they were at least 100 euros more plus all the extra costs of a vacation.  So I got the bright idea to use the extra money on a flight to Bergen.  See, we had a round trip ticket to Oslo but only for 5 days.  That's not enough time to take the train all the way to Bergen and back.  So we decided the best thing to do would be to take the train to Flam and two days later take a Fjord cruise to Bergen and then spend about 5 hours in Bergen exploring the city and fly back to Oslo airport where we could catch our plane to Copenhagen.

So that's what we were planning on this day.  And it all ended up working out.  An SAS agent actually cooperated with us and booked our one way from Bergen to Oslo, we reserved a room in Flam, we bought tickets on the train from Oslo to Myrdal and then the Flam railcar from Myrdal to Flam, and we reserved a spot on a 6am cruise from Flam to Bergen through the Fjords.  Not a lot of sightseeing in Oslo on this day, but once Natalina got off work, she was able to show us around a bit and took us to the Vigeland park.  This park is amazing!  It is full of sculptures and when you walk to the top of the highest point in the park you have a little view of Oslo (it's covered in trees though).  It was a very warm day and we sat in the park taking pictures and admiring the art work.  At night we decided to go to the grocery store and pick up some of that famous Norwegian salmon.  I think it was probably the best salmon I ever had and I was the one who actually made it!  It was the salmon, not my culinary expertise.

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Natalina and me in Vigeland Sculpt…
Natalina and me in Vigeland Sculp…
At the top of Vigeland Park
At the top of Vigeland Park
Very mad, but famous crying baby (…
Very mad, but famous crying baby …
photo by: sarahsan