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Rome is lovely, as is all of Italy to date. Everyone has their comfort zone and lovely is certainly subjective. Everyday I take a shower and after the water gathers like puss from a polluted river near the drain.

At first the graffiti didn’t strike me, as I was warned in Spain but more I walk the more I notice it hits you. Spanish graffiti is reknown for its Art quality where Rome it looks like teenage boys jaggedly stab on paint, illiterate how to write their names and then outlining it in black spray paint for further recognition.

 As I might have mentioned the girls are lovely with perfect breast (it might be the bra). But they all have that essence that made Fellini films noir- they are timeless breast. Then like an artist taking shit too far, 80% have tattoos.

It really is graffiti in the Roman sense, not very attractive. Starting young, like 16. I really don’t get the youth. Girls, as you get older the skin sags, faded tattoos look like truck stop hookers in your 40’s. Just an easier way to be picked out of a police lineup.

Their beauty is strong and the people in general are very sincere. For example, asking directions, people understand and if no English the arm gestures and such you may not get lost. I hear sorry alot “my English is bad”. I explain it is a second language not to worry and we can communicate for awhile. I really enjoy it.  The boys all look like they come out of Jersey Shore. It seems people realize “this” is their life, it isn’t going to change and acceptance into the culture is the most important.

No is an accepted stop point, not discretionary. I drink at the local gelato/bar/pizza place on the corner, 1 minute from my apartment and across from the Metro. It is shaded by huge elm trees and is the local gathering spot for teenagers and men drinking beer alike. Here I get decent short conversation and the occasional grappa. Momma’s come check on their sons. Loud tennage girls hug and kiss their young loves. Old men try to eat the gelato before it inevitably drips on their (my) shirt. I get cold beer slightly more than the store price, 2.5euro vs. 1 euro for a tall beer.  A proper bar charges 6 euro and a nightclub 15 euro.  After the bank takes their tally $1 equals .65 euros.

Everyone remarks how Americans are so different.
  That good spirit from WWII days has never been distilled. Noone likes the government- Italian nor American. They all look to me to hear I like Obama but I can’t consider Obama nothing better than a much more intelligent Bush. People want to know if Obama will win again, considering the Republican party’s (minus Hucklebee) rhetoric hasn’t changed except instead of Bush now Sarah Palin is the poster child for ignorance- I tell them I hope so. That reassures people I am a good guy.

I like to walk and walk I do everyday. I live near the San Paolo Basilica, this is where the chains of one of Jesus’ disciples is. I give that a big head nod- to each his own. I go into the center everyday. Takes about an hour by foot. Hour and half to St.

Peters Basilica, the Vatican. I climbed the dome- Florence’s Dome is much much better painted. I did take a tour bus around and that was wonderful. Old Roman architecture is everywhere. 

Rome is centered over the Tiber River. I am maybe 4kms or so from the Coliseum, to the Borghese Villa Museum (famous for Bernini’s restoration and art work) I am maybe 7kms. Check out the art show on this sometime on A&E- amazing! The metro is only 1 euro, but the noises that encompass Rome, the smells of daily cooking waft into the street and jasmine is in full bloom I can’t see why anyone would want to take the subway. Everyone hangs out. There are water faucets on the street and people gather in the shade to gossip. I walk, feel the surroundings, and it is meditation to absorb all this.

Van Gogh, my favorite... is on the way to the Sistine Chapel as is Dali, etc. This is all in the Vatican Museum.

 Most people know I have a prosthetic leg, yes? They do in Rome! Haven’t been this stared at since first days in China. With this pup comes a silicon liner and I am so happy because it is hot enough I must take it off 2-3 times when walking in heat for a few hours. For me I love to sweat, it is a feeling of accomplishment. And the heat is good. I take off the liner and sweat just drips onto the ground and I feel strong. Today I found a prosthetic center, I was hoping to make some fixes cause the cat who made it in America screwed up, then he (bad ole capitalist) wanted to charge me double for new liners that were destroyed by his screw up. I wouldn’t let that happen. Actually he is a good guy who made a mistake. His business partner is a real piece of fucking shit that ought to be selling "cure all tonic" in the old western movies from the 40’s and then shot.

 Happy to say here, Rome, a prosthesis looked at my leg and liked how I jerry rigged a piece of silicon so the liners wouldn’t tear further and then he gave me a new liner (used) free.  I have had so many reassuring instances of human behavior- I want to help others. People have given me so much, I am truely blessed. This knowledge stays with me daily, nearing guilt the feeling is so I think just a matter of time before a new path begins. It is a point of meditation- how can I do good? Am I less good for not acting upon the calling, etc… Money isn't evil (versus good) but there must be some way I don't go broke yet use my money to make a better world. I am patient and tend to over think shit before I do it so this time traveling alone allows me to consider my consciousness.

I am only renting a room for two weeks from a very kind and warm Italian woman (she found me the prosthetic center) we drink wine we bought from a store where they fill up a 1.5Liter empty bottle for 1.8 euro of good wine straight from the barrel. We take turns cooking, she has impressed me and she enjoys my Italian cooking too so all is good. Life is good. This weekend is Gay Pride in Rome!!! I don't think I have heard a song by Lady Gaga, she is playing in the evening. How fun! Then I leave to Pompei, Naples and Sicily on the 14th.

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Van Gogh, my favorite... is on the…
Van Gogh, my favorite... is on th…
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