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Rest Stop in Indiana on my horrid Greyhound ride back to Pittsburgh!!! Stupid weather canceling planes!! Augh!

So I get to the bus station the next day and the bus gate I go to is number 9 (which I thought was ironic because of that song I knew as a kid) and I call all my friends to find a way home...sigh...they all have lives and finally Laurie came to my rescue and agreed to come get me at midnight from the bus station. 

I sat on the bus for what seemed like ever by myself.  And finally at Elyria (maybe) in Ohio a girl (18 years-old) sat down next to me.  It was sad...she was just going to Cleveland which is like a half hour away to see her boyfriend.

Akron Ohio from the view of the bus!
She couldn't pay the 8 bucks for the ticket and nobody would lend her the money because they didn't want her to see him.  then I find out why.  Her boyfriends on probations (not to sure what for) but he can't leave Cleveland until he does his fines and he's been sitting on it for the past year so he has a bracelet.   So he's a bum who can't leave the city.  And his grandmother doesn't like her so he has to sneak her in through the window!

After Cleveland I got to sit next to a girl from Germany who came to visit her friends in Iowa.  She wanted to go see NYC before she flew back and I told her the places to go...and let me just tell you my gyro place on 59th street is very popular for a street vendor. I was telling her where it was and couldn't remember if it was 59th or 57th and the guy infront of us on the bus knew exactly which one I was talking about...so if you ever go to NYC you have to check out the gyro street vendor.  But I found out she was leaving the following tuesday and gave her my email address and invited her to Boston with my friend and I...I never heard from her after the stop in PGH...so I hope she was fine...  She stayed in a hostle in Harlem and she was the whitest white girl in the world so I hope all went well. 

I finally get home and I call Laurie..and she had a hard time finding the greyhound station...the new location sucks by the way...it's underneath the bridge next to the prison!!!  So with it being under the bridge she couldn't find the station because it kept wanting to take her over the bridge and why would you put a bus station within walking distance of a prison?  It reminds me of a book I once read called "the Brothers Keeper" about a guy whose brother was in the PGH prison...here in Pittsburgh we call it the Palace on the Mon (which is the river short for Monogahela) and he asked why you would put a prison next to a river where the inmates can swim away if they escape.  But anywho... Laurie came to my rescue and I was able to get to work the next day!!!

pinchora says:
I can't believe you remembered that either...I forgot the second part!
Posted on: Aug 09, 2007
mellemel8 says:
.....if the train goes off the track do you want her money back yes or no? geeeez i can't believe i remembered that. :P
Posted on: Aug 09, 2007
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Rest Stop in Indiana on my horrid …
Rest Stop in Indiana on my horrid…
Akron Ohio from the view of the bu…
Akron Ohio from the view of the b…
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