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Earnest Hemmingway's house!
and get up the next morning to make it over to Oak Park to see Frank Lloyd Wrights house and Earnest Hemingways house.  (by this time I got the point of the Chicago subway line...which is sort of a joke...not as bad as PGH's but still could be better--they are doing work on it so next time I go back I'm sure things will be better to get around).  I get off the train and go get some food...hmmm...what to get?  Mexican?  Nope, can get that at home.  Burgers?  Nope that's everywhere. bout Greek?  I think I like that idea.  So I go there and get some Mousaka (I always wanted to have some after seeing my big fat greek wedding....which was based in chicago too!!) and some Greek wine and I my waiters name is Niko.
China Town!!! much more Greek can you get than that.  and left to go look at the shops before the tour times.  I found an Irish shop where everyone in there had an Irish accent.  But I'm wondering if they all faked it because the one girl who works there told me she's from Seatle and before that Alaska...and there aren't Irish accents there.  Then I found my way to a record store and got myself some B-52's, Cyndi Lauper and Bon Jovi on Vinyl!  Then I found this great pop corn place that's like the baskin robbins of pop corn...there were over 30 different flavors!!!  It was pretty cool and figured it would be a good snack for my Supervisor meeting at work.

I made my way up to the Frank Lloyd Wright house (http://www. Which I was intrigued to find out that this was the house he built for himself and family to live in between 1889-1909.  All the other places I've ever seen or heard of were commisions for other people.  This was a great design and the history of it was great to see pieces that were his and his passport was even up there!!!  And I found out that Anne Baxter from the Ten Commandments is his daughter!!!

Next up was Ernest Hemingways house...which I thought was more intimate.  It was run by little old ladies who had a passion for teaching people.  It was great because we were able to take photographs and touch the pieces in the house.

China Town of Chicago
  It was cool to see the history of a family that old and to see what the differences in the house were!!!

I wasn't hungry yet but I knew I should eat before I go back to the I go back to the train and figure that I'll just find a place to eat in the city.  I get on the platform for the train and I guess I look like a local or something because I get asked a question...which way to get to a certain street.  I knew the answer because I knew it was at the next to the last stop and the last stop was Harlem Avenue and that's not where the guy asked to go.  I answer him and then he asks me a more detailed question...I give him a blank look and the guy standing behind me answers him.  I look in relief.  We all start talking and the first guy just moved there and is learning his way around (so I give him my maps I got...I figured he can use them more than I could at this point) and the other guy lives in the city.  So I as guy 2 where a good place to eat is...China Town he said!!!  Now why didn't I think of that.  So I transfer to the correct train and head down and eat some shrimp egg drop.

I head back to the hotel and notice there's a lot of people there waiting for the shuttles for different hotels.  I ask the driver what's going on and he said that since there was lighting all day that the planes got canceled and people have nowhere to go...Ok, so this is where the drama happens.  I start to freak...if I'm flying standby then what am I going to do...I'm last on the plane!!!  I call the a guy I know at the PGH airport and ask him what's going on...he researches for me and then I call the 1-800 employee hotline I was told to call to check times 'n at.  The guy tells me it doesn't look good for the next couple of days...what do you mean it doesn't look good I ask him.  All flights until saturday are over booked by atleast 20 plus standby on each of them!!!  I can't do that I thought...If I don't get back til sunday and I have reservations to go to Boston with my friend that Monday I'd miss 2 weeks of work!!!  My buddy at the airport told me to check rental cars and sometimes they have cars they need taken back to certain states and would be cheap. 

Well...what I found is sthat all the rental cars were booked...there were none!!!  So I check greyhound...there's a bus leaving at 11:45PM and arriving at 12:30PM the next day!!! Perfect because I have to be at work at 2...that would give me time to pick up my car at the airport and go to work!!!  I go to book it...a page comes up saying that reservations need place 2 hours in advanced!!!  I start to freak; it was 1 hour and 40 minutes before that bus.  I run up to my room to go grap my credit cards and then head back down to the lobby. I get stopped by a guy who's driving a meat truck and he asks me what I needed with grey this point I think this is going to be like a movie.   You know how the person gets stuck and they get a ride back with some truck driver.  No...he used to work for greyhound so he was going to try to help and pull some strings for me.  The next bus was leaving at 12:30AM so I had the 2 hour window for reservations but at this point I found defeat.  Because the bus wouldn't get in until 7PM the next day...5 hours after I had to be at work.  I figure instead of wondering around a City I didn't know at midnight I may as well take the next day train at noon and wonder around PGH at midnight to find a ride. 


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Earnest Hemmingways house!
Earnest Hemmingway's house!
China Town!!!
China Town!!!
China Town of Chicago
China Town of Chicago
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