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Navy Pier

Well, so what do all my excusrions have in common?  some sort of drama, right? the joys of flying standby...right?  Well, I went to Chicago Tuesday in around 11AM and checked into a hotel before I went gallavanting around the windy city.  I got to Chicago ready for warmer weather...well, not, it was 35 degrees there!!!  So I trecked out in my hoodie and got a train and went down town.

I got off the train at what seemed like a logical wasn't so logical, but it still worked.  And I went and just walked...I figured that I'd find something interesting.  I stumbled upon these apartment buildings (I think they're apartments) and they were in the shape of a circle and the cars were smashed in there as they were parked.

Destination sign at Navy Pier was bizarre.  Behind the circle buildings was a House of Blues...which I was never in so I took a peak around the gift shop.  I got bored there and went and walked around the city more and down the block was a Hard Rock...I went in there, bought a pin for my dad like I do on all trips and got information on a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza place close by...wrote down the directions and headed out. 

It sounded easier than it was!!!  I didn''t find the pizza I decided..this is Chicago, there has to be one sooner or later.  I kept walking and found a Unos Pizza...I wasn't about to stop there because we have them in I kept walking and found a place called Deu Deep Dish Pizza and went in there to eat some grub...I was starving at this point.  So I go in.

..I sit at the bar (because I am by myself) and order an individual pizza.  I'm sitting and watch The People's Court (it was on TV at that time) and something catches my eye...flashing across the computer screen.  I look in disbelief that the screen says UNOS PIZZA...this place is owned by UNOS!!!  What a rip off!!!!  So I eat my pizza saddenly and go on my way. 

I head down (well I guess it would be over) to lake michigan...I figure that's something you should see in the city and catch the Navy Pier...which there wasn't anything too fun going on at that time!!  And get bored easily (as you can tell I have a short attention span) and head back out to the city....hmmm...what else should I see while I'm here I thought?  I know....SEARS TOWERS!!!!  So I get out my map to see where it is in conjunction to where I am.

..well, easier said than done...I was on two streets that weren't marked on the map and it was hard to find the biggest building in the city!!  I walk around in circles a bit...and finally I get where I am...I follow the streets up and go to the tourist trap myself!! 

It was interesting...but I do see a trend...when I go places that are tall the top is shut down.  I went to the empire state building in high school and I couldn't go to the top and I could only go to the 99th floor in the sears tower...what a bummer.  I also thought there would be a place to eat at the know like in sleepless in seatle how they eat at the empire state building. was all bare floor...nothing too interesting except looking out the windows!!! 

So I head down the elevator and ask the attendent where a good place to eat is...she said the same place I was told to go earlier...but this time the deep dish place was across the street!!!  Yay...real deep dish pizza....I head over to Giordiano's and get some...and let me just say it's better than UNOS!!!

I make it back to the hotel and crash hard so I could get ready for my big day on Wedensday!

lisak64 says:
Very entertaining blog! The round building with cars parked in it is called Marina Towers. They used t be rentals but went condo a while back. Very cool building; imagine having round interior walls with all of those windows an awesome views. I laughed over your quest to find pizza. You were in a pretty touristy area; most of the pizza is in the "neighborhood". Good that you found Lou Malnati's though. They're family owned and have been around a long time. I live really close to the Harlem/Oak Park Green Line subway stop that you exited to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright homes. It's a great tour. People from all over the world converge in Oak Park to tour them.
Posted on: Jul 25, 2007
Aditu says:
This is great!! I feel like I'm reading one of my own blogs. It's cool tho how now matter what happens you just roll with it. Do you mean to tell me that the Greyhound station is no longer by the strip?? I thought it used to be right at that left hand turn you made before you turned onto Smallman? Am I losing my mind?
Posted on: Jul 17, 2007
kaki0301 says:
This is great! Thanks for sharing! I have a month to plan for my Chicago trip! I'm SOOO excited!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2007
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Navy Pier
Navy Pier
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Destination sign at Navy Pier
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