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Who needs doplar radar when you got Phil?

So Thursday night (well, friday morning at 12:15AM) I left my house to go pick up Becky in Cranberry to go on a little road trip!  We were going to Punxy to see Phil!!  We ventured out on our 2 hour trek to the Knob to join in the festivities!!!  We were driving...trying to follow the directions and we saw a line of cars behind us...evertime we turned they turned with was like follow the leader! 

We got to Walmart in Punxy where they had busses there to take the Knob trekkers on the last mile and a half trek up to Gobbler Knob where there were festivities that people of all ages could join in!  We went to get on the bus and there were cops there to pat you down.

..apparently there was a stint where the guys from Jack Ass tried to steal phil a couple years back so it was highly secured...go figure.

We get up to the festivities...where luckily they put a big bon fire for the people...because it was freezing and all the guys in top hats were walking around and there was a stage with P.H.I.L girls dancing and a games like price is right and how much do you know about your college games to bring the audience in.  There was also a vulgar man dressed like a Tiger walking around and of course 2 people dressed like Phil himself and a whole bunch of phil hats...I sort of felt left out.

But anywho...the weather was 27 degrees (so they did feel colder, like 12 degrees or so).

Becky and I waiting for the sun to rise! I'm happy it was friday morning instead of today...tonight it's already negative 11 in punxy because of the wind chill and -8 in PGH.  A little too cold for me.  Which I think a lot of other people felt like that too.  When I got out of my car to go into walmart I thought it felt fine...I almost didn't wear my coat to gobbler's knob...just my hoodie and hat...which is my usual cold weather uniform...see me in my photographs from the grand canyon and Jerome in Arizona....even though it's in Arizona it's still able to snow there and when I hike the Canyon it was 27 degrees!!!  But that's besides the point.  Becky and I decided that the fire was doing good but we had to get some internal warmth...We went and got some hot chocolate.  While there we looked around and saw cars from all over the eastern part of PA...the people behind us were from New Hampshire.
a bad pic of me, Becky and the Mayor of Punxsutawney... I wish my camera had face detection!
  There were also people there from Germany and Spain!!  There was also this guy who walked from Indiana, PA to Punxy...that's 30 miles...he did it to raise money for cancer...but walk..stay up all night and walk again!!!  Man...that's a lot.  Becky and I were going to walk the 3 miles back to walmart...but felt that we couldn't make it!  But anywho...there were over 15,000 there to celebrate the big day...or so the Post Gazette stated!  How strange that it's such a big event!

So we waited in line for about a half hour to get some hot chocolate!  It seemed like longer though...which is a story in itself.

So becky and I realized that Bill Murry didn't have the same day repeat itself.

waiting in line for hot is frickin' cold ot here!!'s just that time slows down in just goes really slow!!!  And I mean seemed like we were gone for more than 10 seemed like 15 minutes was really a half an when you go out dress warm and remember time begins to stop in Punxsutawney, PA!!!

At 7:30ish AM they had the ceremony to pull out the rodent to see if it was going to be a short winter...and it was...sigh =*(...but I did get to see a bit of history.  So my last blog stated I got to see snow fall in Phoenix and that made history.  Well, Phil did see his shadow...which this is only the 15th time in 121 years that it has happened!!!  The last time was in 1999...go figure!  So that was cool.

Pulling out Phil...he didn't see his shadow...that means a short
  Once the ceremony was over becky and I decided to wait in line to get our photo with Phil...and we waited there for 45 minutes or so...but we figured that it was better than waiting in line for the bus for that long.  So we got our pics and went back to walmart.

Once at walmart we got in our car to get to the town of Punxytawney to go to the little part activities, shop, eat and most importantly sleep for a bit.  Yes...we parked and took a cat nap in the car for a half hour which was wonderful...and a good refresher!  We got up...stopped off in a shop and looked around and asked where to go get breakfast...this is like 10:30ish.  Well, we were told to go to the hotel and that they have the best food in town...well, what I say is don't go there to get food.  It was an all you can eat buffet of pan cakes, french toast, sausage, bacon, eggs, muffins and drinks.

getting to meet the guest of honor sounds good, but it was cold...really cold...and expensive.  it was an $8 meal for cold food!!  =(

So we walk around...mail some post cards and I found the groundhog cookie cutter I wanted to get that was going to cost me $20 to get sent to me for 3 bucks and left around 2PM...which felt like eternity!

As we were driving home we hit a lot of got pretty bad...passed some accidents and almost got in one myself when a guy in a neon decided to slam on his breaks and almost spun as he skidded to help someone who just did a skid off the road!!  Stupid idiot...don't you know to slow down slowly and pull off the road...I guess not.  We did the rest of the drive home and I got back around 5PM...but didn't go to bed until usual bed time.  I do have to say I felt very aware with only having 2 1/2 hours of sleep since 7AM the day before when I woke up and went to work...


sUrAbUyA says:
Love that movie. Altho it was actually filmed in Algonquin Illinois. We visited Phil a couple summers ago and found that he spends the rest of the year living in his home in the window of the Punxsutawney
Library. There are big statues all around town of Phil in various outfits
Posted on: Feb 06, 2011
mellemel8 says:
great blog. i would to see this one day :)
Posted on: Feb 17, 2008
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