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Mountains on the way to Jerome from Phoenix

So I get down to Phoenix...go out to dinner with my family...which I think I still feel better, until I got the food infront of me.  And we hangout for a bit.  We get home..and guess what?  I'm still not 100% better...Blahhh...there went the food into the porcelin thrown. 

The next day I did feel 100% really, I did..and we went and got sushi and sushimi...I've never had it before...  It was's not something that I would go out of my way to get...but I was impressed. 

Finally saturday.  You have 4 people with 4 different ideas and it's hard to get us to go to the same place and want to do the same things... Finally, my uncle, cousin and I convince my Aunt to go to Jerome, AZ.  Which I got to see SNOW again!!!  We drove 2 hours into the mountains of Arizona (about 8000 feet above sea level) to go to this ghost hippie town and see the sights.

Hippie Van in a Hippie Town
  We got there pretty late though, intime for dinner.  Where my Uncle took us to his favorite Pizza place and let me just say...the Calzone was the best calzone I ever had in my life!!!   We walked around the town and then walked up the hill (the town is built on the side of the mountain) and found our way to the Jerome Grand Hotel where we rented a room.   The interesting thing about the hotel is that it's a ghost hotel and the people who were on their way up to the room said there was a lot of activitie the night before!!  The hotel used to be a hospital or something like that before a hotel.  After the check in we went back into town and spent the evening at a Karaoke bar listening to tone deaf people and enjoying the evening. 

Well, I do have to say I was slightly dissapointed because  I did not hear any paranormal activities.

Pretty Building in Jerome
..just people going up and down the elevator and the quiet humm of the TV that my cousin was maybe next time I'll see something!!  One can only hope...right?

Some Snow Fun!!!

In Jerome I was at 8000 feet and there was 3 inches of SNOW there and the roads were so bad that SUV's were getting stuck...which was pretty exhilerating.  But that's not the bizarre part.  We drove back down to Phoenix and we were watching the colts/patriots game and looked outside and guess what we saw???  SNOW!!!!  It was a mix of sleet and snow...which apparently is a record.  I saw the newspaper today and it gave some interesting facts:

The last reported snowfall was Dec.

Alexa scared from the jolt of the hundred year old elevator in the Jerome Grand Hotel
6, 1998, and the last measurable amount of snow recorded there was four-tenths of an inch on Dec. 21 and 22, 1990, according to the National Weather Service.  And since 1897 there has only been 3 inches of snow fall in Phoenix...

So I was in a little bit of history here on my vacation....and apparently since I left it's been snowing in Pittsburgh...and cold, where as before I left it's been more like spring than winter.  The only snow I saw in Pittsburgh was 2 tuesdays ago when I dropped my friend off at the airport and the only reason why I saw it was because I had to get up at 8AM and the snow melted in like 10 minutes!!!  AUGH!!!

Sickness update!

Just in case you're wondering about the mysterious wasn't food poisoning and apparently it's highly contagious because I didn't have any physical contact with anybody and everybody I visited got sick.  Apparently it was going around the country and I just brought it with me...who knows where I got it from!!!  And now I'm on Phoenix time and I'm not tired in Pittsburgh Time!!!  AUGH!!!

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Mountains on the way to Jerome fro…
Mountains on the way to Jerome fr…
Hippie Van in a Hippie Town
Hippie Van in a Hippie Town
Pretty Building in Jerome
Pretty Building in Jerome
Alexa scared from the jolt of the …
Alexa scared from the jolt of the…
Alexa and Snow in Jerome
Alexa and Snow in Jerome
View into the Valley in Jerome, AZ
View into the Valley in Jerome, AZ
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