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Riding across the land kicking up sand
Sheriff's posse on my tail cause I'm in demand

The next morning we woke up early...6:30AM!!!  Which I think is earlier than either of us have every gotten up...we may have gone to bed that late...but wake up before the sun rises; Hardly.  but we did...and good thing I gave my self plenty of time...because Brandon's bad luck followed us.  First my car battery was dead...but AAA came to the rescue...I called work to let them know and one of the managers answered the phone.  I told him I was going to be late by an hour.  He was confused because I didn't work until 3.  He asked me what the problem is and I told him my car battery died... well, no worries, Chris told me, where are you?  I told him I was in Brooklyn.  Oh, ok, well, we'll get someone to come to Brookline (Pennsylvania... near pittsburgh) to help you out.  I was like no... I'm in New York City... I'll get there as soon as I can!  He got it then and told me that he'd get me covered.

Then I missed a turn in Brooklyn and we got even more out of the way...and then to top it off we had to go pretty much the speed limit the whole way back because there were cops everywhere!!  The total count all the way home was 15...well, starting when we got to Jersey from Staten Island.  From one state line of jersey to the next we saw 10 cops either pulling people over, already pulled people over or waiting to pull people over.  Then we only saw 3 on I-80...but then on my way through Robinson I saw 2 more pulling someone over and one driving.  It was interesting all the Po Po 5-0 I saw...because then I saw one on my drive home from work that I have never seen in the hide out before....watchout their popping up everywhere!!!


And now I would like to thank the Beastie Boys License to Ill album for narrating my trip to NYC for me...who knew that albums can bring an experience so close to heart?

Kick it

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New York
photo by: herman_munster