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Well, here I am in Ajaccio. Having worked in Moriani (on the other side) for 5 motnhs three years ago, I decided to venture further down south and experience life in Corse-du-sud.

I came here on a whim, booked my train and ferry tickets from Nancy (where I'd been working) with my last few peenies. And was lucky enough to find an au pair job at the very last minute. I have landed myself in an unfortunate family, although very nice, the mother is divorced and works all hours of the day, the kids are spoilt brats, and the house is not particularly close to the centre, although the mother gives me bus tickets!

I've not had the time to visit anywhere yet, I haven't even looked around the town (5 hours in Ajaccio three years ago wasn't enough to see anything other than a restaurant in the harbour and the market! OH and a couple of shoe shops!)

I'm looking forward to going to the Iles des Sanguinaires at some point - lots of history and amazing sunsets apparently. There are also some awesome beaches which you have to drive to, so I'm banking on my friend taking me at some point whenever he gets the time off.

He just told me tonight that there is a job going as a dish washer for 1200€ a month, and accommodation at the hotel (he tihnks), which is a good deal better than my shitty 50€ a week that I'm getting as an au pair, even if I do get board and lodgings, free bus tickets and wifi! The hours will be late, but I can still go to the beach in the evening and when the dishes are finished, I'm tempting,despite my hatred for washing dishes.

Any ideas anyone? Opinions would be much appreciated!
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As yet, I  have still not visited any more of Ajaccio's surrounding areas. I am planning on making a day trip to la Reserve de Scandola soon, maybe this weekend if I can find someone to take me! (It seems that you need a car to get anywhere in Corsica!)

The buses have started running later now that the tourist season has officially begun (on the 1st July) but they're still pretty useless - for me, the last bus to the centre is at midnight, on the dot. But the last one from the centre is at 23h30. No use whatsoever! Especially as the first bus in the morning isn't until 8h30. Thats some hardcore partying I am going to have to do!

Every time I've tried to walk to the centre, or home, someone has picked me up in their car...which sounds dodgy, and I guess is really, but hey ho. I'm lazy and the thoguht of a 45minute walk home after a night out is particularly appealing! I take me bike, much better!
photo by: eglp