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Isabelle and La Place
Well, here I am, still in Ajaccio, and still having seen very little of the place! Fortunately I've met lots of people since my last entry and have therefore been kept quite busy!

I'm off to St Florent tomorrow afternoon for the weekend which should be pretty good. Its just me and the mum I work for, no kids, no hassle! So I'm looking forward to a break! I say a break...the family have been on holiday for 12 days so I've not had to look after the kids, just the house! And do lots f cleaning, which, as usual, I've left until the last minute and am currently writing this in my well earned break from it all! My last 12 days have been spent like this: wake up (late), eat something, do a bit of cleaning (anything, normally lasting about half an hour!), cycle to the beach at about 14h30 (I go to St Francois in the centre because thats where my friends are, despite Barbicaja being right opposite the house, much cleaner, and much bigger!), come home about 19h, eat something, shower, sit on the computer (addicted to Facebook and TravBuddy), do my makeup, hair,  get dressed (actually, changed, I don't sit for all that time naked) then cycle into town.
Me and La Place
All this cycling must be good for me, although my legs are beginning to get tired after it all (its only about 15mins each way, but especially during the day when its so hot, its exhausting, at least I'm getting rid of all those toxins with the amount of sweat I get through...nice!) Then I meet with my friend/s, have a drink in a bar, then head to La Placae, where I have now been almost every night in the past two weeks, and I'm beginning to get a bit frustrated at it! Despite knowing people who work there, getting lots of free drinks and having fun with my friends! Although to be honest, every night seems to be different at the moment! For example, Sunday night was fairly calm, and I left at 3 all relaxed, and then last night was insane, and I left at 5, and then got home at 6 cos we were all sitting outside chatting for ages!

Oh, I think I had the bizaarest night on Sunday actually ( I said it was calm, I just mean I wasn't really 'fairing la fete' as much!) I met some people on Saturday night who then invited me to go out with them to a big soiree at Capo di Feno, so I decided to take them up on the offer as I don't really get the opportunity to go anywhere far cos I don't have a car (hence La Place all the time!).
So off we go, me in a car with three guys, and anotehr car with three girls and a guy. We've just got onto the road that leads to the beach, and our car runs out of petrol! (Its an old 4x4 and the all the dials were broken so e didn't know there wasn't anything left!) So there we are, stuck in the middle of nowhere, in the pitch black! The girls go off to find some petrol, which gives me half an hour to get to know these people a bit better (don't think I'm stupid going out and being left with three guy I didn't know, I knew them well enoguh that I was ok to be left with them!) The girls come back, we fill up the car, and just as we've finished, and the girls are about to get backin the car, we see fire engines and police heading in that direction (ie to the pailotte), and then loads of cars coming the opposite direction.
And later...with the slightly crazier friends!! I don't know why I'm the only one that looks normal...I'm normally the one making the stupid face!
Finally someone kindly stops, tells us theres been a fire and the night has been cancelled. So, after all that hanging around, we turn round and head back to town...and La Place! Then one girl starts going crazy and crying and shit and I had no idea what was going on, then the guy I'd met first explained to me that she had split up with her boyfriend that afternoon (he was also with us...) and I didn't quite understand but it was something along the lines of him dancing with another girl. So we all head outside, her ex has disappeared somewhere with this girl. Then one of the other guys bumps into his girlfriend, who he'd told he wasn't going out, so then they start arguing, and going crazy at each other. The girl who'd split up with her boyfriend had stormed off in her car to chuck his things out of their apartment and I was just standing there trying not to laugh at this whole night! I just went home, and left them all to it, it had been a bit of a let down of a night, but it had certainly been interesting! And the poor girls got their car towed the following and had to pay 96€ to get it released, and while they had been looking for the car, had seen the ex-boyfriend talking to some other girl, in fact the best friend of the girlfriend of one of the guys.
So, as you can imagine, that didn't go down too well either!

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know about that, I doubt you followed any of it cos it just seems complicated but anyway!

I can't believe I'm leaving in two weeks, its suddenly hit me and I'm getting all sad about it :( I don't want to have to return to England, and the bad weather, and my complete and utter poverty, and no job, and no family (they're all on holiday, they come back two weeks after my return!) And I don't want to have to leave my friends. And I don't want to have to return to my studies. And my mind is going crazy at the moment with so much to think about, its tiring me out! In fact, I think I'll just sleep at the beach this afternoon, after doing my daily swim out to a buoy that I still haven't quite made cos I get freaked out by the blackness at the bottom! But yes, things to think about at the moment: going home, my debts and how I'm going to repay them, guys (yes, whoever said women are complicated got it completely wrong, men are definitely more complicated that women), what I'm going to do when I finish uni (unfortunately I have to work rahter than travel because by the time I finish uni I'll have racked up over £20,000 in debt, argh!) And I currently have two ideas - go to Dubai and teach English for 2-3 years because it gives me experience in teaching and the ability to pay off a large proportion of my debts, or go straight to Paris and teach English to businesses there.
Two friends
I think the best option for me, is to go to Dubai for two years, pay off at least two thirds of my debt, get more experience in teaching, then head to Paris afterwards. Oh I forgot to say I'm planning on doing my TEFL course over the summer so I get paid more wherever I go :) So yes, I reckon I'd be more employable if I went to Paris after teaching in Dubai for two years. And I don't want to live in England, but I want to continue my French, and also in France, they have more holiday time, so I can go off on my travels! Phew, what a long, waffling entry! Anyway, I should probably go and get back to my cleaning, the family are back tonight and I don't want it to be messy! (Not that I live like a pig, but I have to clean the floors, the kitchen and the balcony, its drives me up the wall - white floor tiles are a bloody nightmare!!)


Yet another picture from St Francois of the sun rising.
s. Regarding my photos, I have nothing interesting to show other than the pictures of my nights out, and the sun rising at the end of my nights out! Oh and the moon and lights...I keep working on it to get the perfect picture, but so far I haven't succeeded!
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Two friends
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