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I had sold my car, that day, less than 48 hours before leaving Britan. I had listed it on ebay, left to finish my trip in London. The royal wedding capped off a good amount of fun and drink.  Too bad I can’t find the photos, I will look again.

Four days of bliss in London! I love bakery. When backpacking in India… I come into town and look for 3 essentials for a good visit: bakery, cheap internet and $1-$3 hotel. Not very picky, actually the idea of bedbugs moving the bed sheets is only a point of bargaining further discounts. I really have regressed haven’t  I. Anywho, I say bakery! Couch surfing gave me a double blessing: Brazilian working in a bakery.

I say Brazilian, have you ever met a bad Brazilin ? It is impoosible. Rogerio like so many people in the world is out and about traveling. I love this fact! Not many years ago it was only a rich mans game. He and seemingly 60% of London are foreigners working, discovering the UK. I have a private joke I will share… the really attractive girls   in London…they’re all (80%) Eastern European, with a substantial minority of South Americans, and still credible amount of Asians. Perhaps there is something to be said about the parallels of high school math scores and beauty.   Rogerio and I hit it off at once. I don’t care where you come from our goal conscious or not is our own inner peace unless your batty as junebug then it may be the McDonalds value meal but Rogerio is like so many people on couch surfing- open and know community creates a better peace.
I am blessed to meet people and hear stories. Before CS, often visits were touristic- the shop keepers, drinking and other travelers. Now the experience is so much more in depth. Anywho in London, vintage clothes suck except for an antique mall on Church St., went to Portabllo and Camden Markets both shit… Camden much so more shit- Chinese off market and unrealistic pricing gauge.  Portabllo was silly in the regard every ass (dealer) was rehearsing for the antique roadshow. Instead of saying this is 70 yrs old, it’s Edwardian. Asked why … you get the guess. Explain the truth to them you get shrugged off.  Just another audition. The subway is 4 pounds to ride, but the city is walkable if you have time. Back to the story…

The car wasn’t selling (on ebay) so Victoria my buddys wife put a bid in on it, but with less than 12 hours it is impossible to cancel bids so it may have sold to Victoria for 1pound.

None else had bid. Fortunately 3 boys pulled up to the yard back from their winter holiday jobs in Austria and within 15 min. bought the car. The car sold for 320 pounds, bought for 360 pounds drove for 10,000+ miles I figured it was well worth investment.  One thing I can say about women- 2 brains are better than 1.  Victoria has created me oodles of ideas, from reduced shipping fees to buying stocks. God bless the brilliance behind the male ego.  I could write so much on this but time to move on… the next day I was a wasted man- often my head swims in self pity after drinking too much but the idea of smoking was repulsive so I decided to quit. Smart women don’t like smokers so it is win win. The next day I left for Pisa.

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photo by: ulysses