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Oh joy. an infestation I tell you.
I was sitting watching some more good old fashioned turner classic movies...
and I see another roach crawling along the floor.
I got up to grab a shoe or some other way to kill it,
and it was gone once I returned.
I walked over to my grandmothers bathroom to grab a tissue...
and there's another one.
crawling by her shower.
so I grab my mothers birkenstock.
and I start beating the everloving crap out of this cockroach.
but he JUST WON'T DIE.
damn these things.
nuclear bomb/ headless surviving bugs.
so I keep smacking him, and he keeps getting up and walking away.
so again, my mother screams... CRUSH HIS SHELL OR HE WON'T DIE!
so what do I do?
I grab a tissue, not a papertowel like before
and I squeeze him.
he popped. he exploded.
it was the grossest feeling ever.
EW. I won't put my feet down.
I'm sitting in this computer chair, cross legged so nasty critters don't walk on my toes.

and there are now officially 9 roach traps set up in this house.
sick. sick.sickity.sick.sick.

this better stop.
they are so gross!
WaltJake says:
You think you can kill them with just a tissue? I dropped a cinder block on one...when I lifted it, he just gave me the finger and walked away, completely unscathed! Totally true! (well, except for the finger part!) ;-)
Posted on: Jul 10, 2007
ekthor says:
Sure thing. ;)
Posted on: Jul 09, 2007
perfektewelle says:
blah. haha.
you should smile at it.. mhm.. haha so I can get to my next award!
Posted on: Jul 09, 2007
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