Surprise Money, another snake, and table arguments

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I have always hated walmarts.
but we stopped by one today.
and I found 20 bucks.
which was awesome.

when I picked it up, I was going to leave a note with customer service in case someone asked about it,
but an employee saw me pick it up and she told me not to tell customer service how much I had found because it would end up in their pockets.

the customer service people refused to take down my name and number.
so I kept it.

but I was just thinking about a new hardcover sketchbook that I want.

so I was so tired today that I slept through Becky (the nursing aid) ringing the doorbell.
she rang it like 10 times.. then knocked and I heard her knock.

but yeah. she saw a ringneck baby snake on her way in.

I cant even tell you how sick I am of my "time off" from work.
it isn't time off.
it is my mom and I running errands for my grandmother.

if this job really paid what it should, I would be paid for working 24/7,

I am so darn tired of hunting for tables for the house.
my grandmother gets fixated on things..
really really fixated and no other option can possibly work.
we're trying to find her a new dinette set because she can't have wheels on her chairs.

and she is insisting on bell glides.. but her table doesnt fit them and we would have to get them custom and that would cost as much as buying a stupid table..

so anyway.
I went back to that fantastic mexican restaurant, Casa del Sol...
even better than the last two times.
amazing I tell you!
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photo by: princessbride029