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oh man. so tired. I've been working my butt off here.
But, I went to the beach to actually get in the water this time.
It was gorgey but...
the sun wasn't out and the first part of the beach that we got to was really shelly and rough..
so we went back down further on Anna Maria Island and we jumped in really quickly.
I was trying to catch minnows.

I have to love how seagulls act.
you drop a chip.
and...50 seagulls swarm above you, circling..
threatening to poo if you don't offer them more.

It reminds me of the other time I brought food to the beach.
 I was 14... and I had a bag of sunchips with me.
I was eating one and a seagull swooped down and stole it right out of my hand.
I stared in awe and then held another chip up for him to get...
but I was divebombed by 50 seagulls and I was freaking out because they wouldn't leave me alone.
meanwhile my brother, mother, and my brothers friend were laughing hysterically.

alas, ,that is my luck with birds.

anyway, the rest of the day was so/so.
I watched my grandmommy for a while and we watched some turner classic movies.
It's interesting to watch as a film major, to see the movies that started it all.
the early hollywood scene.

I saw Confidentially Connie and Living it Up.
I tell ya, they don't make them like that anymore.
UGH. that reminds me.
I am so frustrated at America right now.
I watched this beautiful german film, Mostly Martha. and I loved it.
I loved it because it didn't need all of the stupid hollywood tricks in it.
it wasn't blatent comedy.

Now enter hollywood.
No reservations.
they have remade it and cast Catherine Zeta Zones as Martha. No. no. no. no. no.
then they cast abigail breslan as lena. I am so frustrated.
the movie is not supposed to be a comedy.
why does hollywood have to go and ruin classics.

this is why I want to work in the European Film Market.
stupid plastic fake hollywood.

UGH anyway. I chased another lizard today and it made me smile.
and I haven't seen any more cockroaches...yet...

they are ruining a perfectly great movie.

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photo by: princessbride029