How does a yankee eat a chocolate dipped ice cream?

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ahahahaha. okay, I got to sleep in past 8 am for the first time since I've been in florida..
I lazed around the house for a bit, then ran out to run errands with my mother..
pick up this prescription..and that one... and run to target.. and ....and...and....and...
when does it stop?

hah so anyway. We had to grab lunch.
we stopped at shake pit and grabbed some delicious food.
then I tried to master the chocolate dipped ice cream cone.
oh man. mon dieu.
I am a new yorker... and michigander....
I did not know that there was so much technique to eating one of these blasted cones.
the chocolate shell cracks and the melting soft serve ice cream starts to ooze out of the cracks...
this then presents the dilemma of biting the chocolate shell off, or trying to lick each oozing crack.

hah my mother has mastered this technique as she grew up going to the shake pit...since she was 9 years old.

now me on the other hand, not so great.
the waiter came over and gave me a tray "in case it got ahead of me" and loads of napkins.
I tried to eat it, but it was 100 degrees  today and the ice cream was melting so incredibly fast.
everyone in the shake pit started staring at me and laughing and placing to whether or not I would lose the ice cream off of my cone.
they just watched diligently as I tried to conquer my melting nemasis.
And despite the fact that I looked like a toddler who had gotten into mummys chocolate,
I never lost my cone.
haha, it was so awkward though to be observed while eating. it's one of my biggest pet peeves!!!

anyway, after that I came back and took care of my grandmother and we watched turner classic movies again... this time it was about charles lingburgh...

and now, here I am...
ekthor says:
Come on, 100 degrees aint that hot! =P I would've loved to see the whole chocolate cone scene, not that I like to watch people eat though.
Posted on: Jul 03, 2007
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