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oh sweet sony cybershot H1 ,

my companion,
my accessory,
my friend.
you captured a beautious life,
grabbing the asthetic land before you.
Raindrops fall and I clutch you tightly
holding on to my memories,
stored safely on my internal card.
We traveled together,
From Florida
to Nova Scotia,
onward to NYC..
then to my new life in Michigan.
Together we blazed a trail
of beauty and majesty.
Together we strolled through the nature preserve,
bonded by a long black cord..
wrapped around my neck
as you hung tightly by my chest.
This is love, I thought.
We see through the same eyes...
we see the beauty..
we frame the world as we wish to see it.
We enlightened others to the mountains in nova scotia
as they crashed into the cold atlantic sea.
We watched the passage of whales,
yet also held my dearest labrador retriever in your soul.
I knew you had to be mine when I set my eyes on you,
on that July day, fresh out of high school..
I splurged on you with grad money.
We have been inseparable.
but alas, I was careless.
I did not put you in your case..
for I thought that you could use a breath of fresh air.
And the planeride to Florida did wound you so.
Your once brightly colored LCD screen now stares back at me,
a piercing white, with internal scratches, and a purple blob..
I have now sent you away to the hospital.
I pray that they can help you and return you.
for, I don't want another camera.
I want you. my dear, tried and true,
traveling camera. I have little space
on my hard drive and I fear that if I must
upgrade to a 6 megapixel, that my hard drive will
once again crash.
These past few days without you have been hell.
Where were you when I went outside?
Where were you when the snake rushed in front of mummy...
you were supposed to see, and remember, and share it with my friends.
where were you when I went back to the beach?
Now you are either in the mail, or at the factory.
You might die, and I would be so sad.
I would have to have your child, H2 instead.
But it just wouldn't be the same.
come back to me Sony Cybershot H1!

hahahahaha ok. so basically...
my lcd screen broke..
and I needed to fill up another journal entry..
so I can get my last award.
hope y'all enjoyed that.

darn it all...I just got sent on another kill the cockroach venture...
but he ran away again.
I'm sure that I'll be called again in the next 10 minutes.
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so today was eventful.
this morning my mum grabbed breakfast and a gross RED? spider started running at her at the table.
she did the whole girly girl spastic move that I have perfected so well and the nursing assistant for my grandmother screamed and the two of them were swatting at it..haha

ew. so I just tried to figure out what kind of spider it was and I got sent to this website with all of these photos of spiders around north america.
I actually just got chills.
and felt like things were crawling on me.

Okay. so it just gets better.
my mom and I were about to go out to look for a new table for my grandmother and my mother opened the door to go outside.

and she let out this inverted shreik thing/gasp... kind of sounded like a bird...
and slammed the door immediately.

haha she saw a massive snake.
like...2 and a half feet long...
and as fat as small soup can.

AHHHHH. why are all of the creepy crawling things attacking my mother and I?
ew. I'm getting sick of these nasty things.

WaltJake says:
now I have another song stuck in my head...Jim Stafford's "Spiders and Snakes"!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2007
WaltJake says:
look at the bright side. The spiders and snakes will eat the cockroaches!
Posted on: Jul 10, 2007
photo by: princessbride029