Fire in the Sky

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I'm finding myself completely captivated by the beauty of a thunderstorm.
I have always heard of people who watch them with absolute awe.
and I thought that I was one of them.

But today, I looked out and there was no rain.
no thunder.
just lightening in the distance.
flashing behind the clouds and lighting up the sky.

Not angry, in your face, unplug things Lightning.. the distance, calm and beautiful, glorious lightning.

It's times like these that I wonder how people can believe that this world was created in an explosion.
I watch the incredible lightening, so organized, so timely.. and I just cannot grasp athiesm.

Or a sunset. How can someone look at a sunset and think that it's a byproduct of an explosion?
The reason why I love photography so much, is that I feel as if I'm showing the world a piece of God's work that they may have missed seeing.

Like morning dew on a flower petal.. or mountains cascading into the ocean...
or even, how the sunlight plays on plants..

It's beautiful. and awe inspiring.
It's days like today that I know there is a God.
I know that he created this beauty for us to enjoy...
and it is impossible that this kind of beauty could have been created by a big bang.

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photo by: princessbride029