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Hey guys,

 I am finally sitting here in Florence in a hostel and actually have a few minutes to update my blogs and post photos. After Rome I have gone down to Pompeii and then Sorrento/Amalfi. Pompeii I can"t rly describe in words and since my camera was out of juice when I went there you will have to use your imagination. To say that it was amazing would be an understatement, when you look at that city it is very difficult to believe that its life ended almost 2000 years ago.

View from the top of the city!
The sophistication and beauty of the architecture and the frescos is mind boggling. My favorite part was jumping one of the fences and climbing up the steps of the Colloseum to the top. This gives you an amazing view of Pompeii that most tourists have never seen.

 Anyways after Pompeii jumped the train to Sorrento and went to look for the cheap hostel. Sadly the place was more expensive then I thought but they actually told me there is another very cheap hostel only a town away. I asked them how long it would take to walk there and they all started yelling stuff in Italian and 2 minutes later they pointed me to a Scooter and told me that they will drive me. So yes picture me with a 25Kg backpack and a small bookbag on a tiny little scooter with an insane italian driver who would never wait for cars to move and would simply go between two busses going oposite ways.

Standing on that famous bridge, which I didn't really find that interesting except for the view!
I was desperatly hanging on to my backpack and thinking of which way I would roll when I fell of the damn thing. Fortunatly he was a very pro driver and even managed to talk to me while he was dodging cars. Finally we got to the hostel which was indeed VERY far away from Sorrento and the host barely spoke Italian and no English so we ended up talking in Spanish. On the plus side I did get a room and there was a lemon grove in the back with a hammock where I could relax.

Next day I got out and walked to Sorrento taking in the amazing sights of the mountains and the sea.  I walked to Sorrento and hoped the bus going to outside of town, the conductor told me there is a free beach on the outskirts so I went there and followed the Italians down to water. The "beach" was a round mountain stuck out in the middle of the sea with a hallow center.

This is probably the best spot in Florence, the view down on the city from a hilltop across the river.
I wanted to be alone there so I climbed over the rocks to a secluded spot near the water. There I could sit and watch the sea in quite. I went for my first swim in the amazing water tanned(burned myself of course) and after a while headed back to town. I got back to the hostel took a shower and rested then went out to look for dinner. I met a couple guys from the hostel and we got dinner together at some restaurant. I got some kind of pizza which was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted we also split a bottle of wine. After that we started heading back home, got lost, tried to hit on a couple of italian girls(unsucsesfully :=) and finally found our way back.

Next day I left the hostel with all of my stuff and headed toward the bus to Amalfi. There I met a couple of American students(3 girls 1 guy) who had apparently seen me in Rome a couple days ago because they said they recognized my t=shirt.

At the top of that same hilltop!
We decided to go together and after pushing a lot of Brits and Italians out of the way I ended up getting all of us seats on the coveted right side of the bus. We got of at Positano which is a very picteresque city with one small problem, in order to get down to the beach you have to go down about 2000 stairs....... I had my backpack on me and my little was hot :(. Well we made it down and jumped into the water and just relaxed for an hour but then the dreaded moment came and I had to get my backpack on and climb back UP those same damn stairs. After I made it I felt like I had just ran a triathalon. Two of the girls ended up leaving because one of them had allergy attack but me, Zane and the girl Kelsey ended up going to Amalfi. This time the bus parked right next to the beach which was nice and we put our stuff down on the rocks next to the wave breaker and started jumping off into the water. Best view I have had since the Dead Sea in Israel, just lying back in the water and loking at the mountains, the city and all the people on the beach. Sadly since the beach was paid and we were rock jumping we all ended up with cuts all over our hands and feet. Still it was a small price to pay for saving 5 euro. At night we got back to Sorrento and they let me stay at their room for free. We went out together and I got us 3 bottles of wine for only 8 euro total which was amazing. We got near the water and just started drinking, talking and relaxing. Sadly the guy Zane was a bit of a lightweight so I had to carry his ass back home to the hostel. Best part of meeting them was that I got rid of my Harry Potter book by dumping it to one of the girls.

Yesturday I took the train back to Napoli and got on a train to Florence. Here I discovered the BS that is called the reservation system on the trains and ended up paying 13 euro for nothing. Then after I finally got here I went to look for a hostel and spent about 3 hours on foot with all my stuff. Finally I found a nice place but I don"t know if they will let me stay here another night. Worst comes to worst I"ll stay at the train station.

Thats it so far now I am going to try to get some fotos up.


P.S.  I know my spelling is horrible but I am writing this on some really weird Italian keyboard.

kkeehwan says:
Nest time, I will go to Italy.
thanks for your information.
Posted on: Aug 19, 2007
Galadrims says:
very good blog :D :D !!
Posted on: Aug 10, 2007
mellemel8 says:
hee hee i remember that "beach" sign. i love sorrento. glad you had fun. :)
Posted on: Aug 10, 2007
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View from the top of the city!
View from the top of the city!
Standing on that famous bridge, wh…
Standing on that famous bridge, w…
This is probably the best spot in …
This is probably the best spot in…
At the top of that same hilltop!
At the top of that same hilltop!
photo by: spocklogic