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Amy Winehouse on the Pyramid stage

Day 1 Thursday 21 June – Arriving…….


Packed up all our stuff, after leaving work at 5.00 and went to Sainsbury’s garage for petrol and to get James some food.

Drove up the motorway to the services where Dave was going to get money out, but had forgotten his card at Sainsbury’s, so we had to go all the way back!

It was about 6.30 before we finally got on our way.

Stopped at the services about halfway there and had burger king.


Arrived at Glastonbury around 8.

With Pete Bennett (UK Big Brother winner 2006)
30 and found it really hard to find the correct entry and ended up driving around to the other side of the festival before working out where we had to be.

Managed to park reasonably close to the road, in the orange car park.

Walked through the car park (2 fields) and then over the road, walked ages through loads of car parks and finally saw the huge white fence over the hill.

Walked straight through all the checkpoints and got our guides and wristbands and met James and Dawn on the inside. They helped us with our gear and we walked along a long road through millions of tents to our campsite.


Put all our stuff in and tried to get ourselves organised. Opened the air bed and found it needed electricity to pump up! So James, Daw, Dave and I went for a wander to get another one. This was our first taste of the size of the place, as we walked for ages past stages, shops and eateries to find a new bed. Went back to the tent and put it up and unpacked.

Chemical Brothers lazers

The four of us along with Ian McCowie went up through The Park to the stone circle for a look. It was packed out with people sitting around fires waiting until the sunset to celebrate summer solstice.

Went back to the campsite and had drinks while sitting around the campfire under the 2 gazebos. Most of the football lads were there including Nick and Dave Hayes, The McCowie brothers, Dell,  Killick, Griff & Jenny and Keff.

I got real mullered and ended up falling over chairs and trying to get out of Dell’s tent through the rear wall!!


Day 2 Friday 22 June – The Music Starts…….


Got up pretty early and a bit hung-over as the previous nights antics went on until around 4.

Mika on the Other stage

Went down to the Other stage food stalls and got a bacon and egg burger for breakfast.

Everyone went down to watch Reverand & The Makers and The Cribs which I had not head of but enjoyed. Dave went back to the car to get the beers and food.

Went to the Pyramid Stage to watch Amy Winehouse at 3.10. I thought she was really good and had a great live voice. She even sang an old song Dad plays which was cool.


Walked around for a while and went through the Dance Village and checked out all the different tents. It was like a whole city of nightclubs and had all types of dance music blaring from all the tents.

Headed back to the

Pyramid stage where we tried to meet up with James and the others who said they were near the ‘hanging baskets’….

22nd, 24th & 23rd June
along with 50.000 other people! Waited there and then realised there were hanging baskets on the other side of the stage so made our way there through all the pissed and muddy people.

 Many people had flags so friends could find them in the crowd and our friends had an English flag with silver x on it. We saw one in the crowd about halfway to the front and decided to try to get there.

Pushed our way through and met Griff half way and followed him.

Met everyone in the middle but I hated it,

I couldn’t see anything and the mud was up past my ankles! Dave and I decided to go up the back on the hill so we could see.

Traipsed up and the watery deep mud eventually turned to semi muddy grass halfway up the hill. Up here people had chairs and there was a hell of a lot more space.

Watched The Fratellis who sand Chelsea Dagger which I love!

Watched Kasabian and loved it, danced and listened to Shoot the Runner.


Made our way back to the dance village and waited in a huge line for the toilets where we met up with Hannah from Reed who gave us some glow sticks.

Went into the Dance West tent and listened to Danny Howells who was playing Progressive House and was wicked. Danced for ages. Went over the road to the Dance East tent which was rammed to listen to Fat Boy Slim but didn’t really get into the music and was scared away by some fucked up girl covered in mud!

Headed back over to the West tent and heard Trentemeller. I was falling asleep so headed home where I fell asleep listening to Bjork performing on the Other Stage.


 Day 3 Saturday 23 June – The mud becomes a problem……


Got up early and decided to go for a look around as there wasn’t any bands we wanted to see in the morning.

Went along the road by our tent and up to The Park which is a new area of Glastonbury run by the farm owner’s daughter.  Here we found a wishing booth, Ship, Teepees, an Alice in Wonderland tent and various stages and food booths.

Waited in line to go up the viewing tower which resembled a giant Jellyfish. From here we got a great view of the whole festival.

Carried on past tents to The Stone Circle which is a sacred site.  Wandered through a spiritual garden up to the circle. Also in this area was a Porterloohenge, which was a load of graffitied portaloos made to resemble Stonehenge!

There was also huge dragon with outstretched arms caught in a trap carved out of a tree there too.


Looked around the Healing Fields and The Craft Field where we saw loads of Hippies, Gypsy carts, strange sculptures, gardens, tents and food stalls. I love the huge wooden mushrooms.

Went along to Lost Vagueness in the very far South corner for a look. There was really thick sticky mud all through here and it was a mission to walk in. went into the Chapel for a look and saw Pete Bennett , winner of Big Brother 2006 and his girlfriend inside. Listened to a Pink Floyd cover band that was really good.

Made our way down to Avalon and Jazz world where had a peep into the Circus and Cabaret tents. Got caught in the rain so headed to get some pizza and cheesy garlic bread and stood in a café tent.


Went back to the tent and had some noodles before heading down to the Other stage to se the Klaxons.  Went with James, Dawn and Hannah to the John Peel Stage to see the Pigeon detectives where Dave and I sat on his Poncho inside the tent.

We then went to see Nick Warren in the Glade. Headed over to the Dance tent again. Met a gay couple called James and David. Chatted to them and saw Pete Bennett again when we were watching Mika. Got a photo taken with him.

Headed over to The Pyramid stage with the boys to see The Kooks and The Killers. Stood up on the hill. It was so wicked and the light show was awesome, got photos taken.


Heard a rumour that Fat Boy Slim was playing a set at Lost Vagueness so tried to head over there but loads of people had heard all sorts of rumours and there were thousands of people trying to get there! Decided to flag it and found a Drum and
Base tent and went down for a drink and a dance. Headed back to the tent and had another late drinking session.

Day 4 Sunday 24th June – Last day antics……


Got up around 10.30 when the bands started and boiled some water for noodles and a cup of Oxtail soup. The rain was quite hard during the night and was pretty much continual all day.

Packed up our clothes and James, Daw, Dave and I took our packs back to our cars. The mud was so thick and sticky and we managed to make this journey just when the only sun for the day was out in full swing so it was very hot and sticky!

Made our way back through the tents instead of the deep mud path to our tent site.


Went for a wander to try sand find the official T-shirt shop and ended up beside the Pyramid stage which was packed for Shirley Bassey. I didn’t like the shirts so got a crepe and headed back to the tent!

Packed up the rest of our stuff and put it in Dell’s tent and headed down to watch Mika again on The Other Stage. He had huge blow up people on the stage and animals and put on a really great show. He even sang Sweet Dreams!

Went to the Pyramid stage for the last time to watch The Keiser Chiefs. Stood up on the hill again. They came on at 10.00 and sang quite a lot of songs we knew including Ruby. The light show was cool but it was not very loud.  


Made our way back to the Other stage to see the final performance of Glastonbury, The Chemical Brothers at 10.45.

This was by far the best show of all. The light show was something else and the lasers were awesome. They played Hey Boy Hey Girl and Do It Again and it was an awesome set. It was very hard to dance in the mud but splashed about a bit!

The crowed was loving it and there were loads of glow sticks about.


Grabbed a kebab wrap and headed back to get our stuff just before the Chemical Brothers ended. Made our way back to the gate through the thick mud which wasn’t as bad as the previous trip!

Walked back though the car parks and back to the car.

Got changed and made it out of the site in 35 minutes!

I slept all the way home and we arrived home around 3am. Had showers and jumped into our clean, warm, comfy bed.

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Amy Winehouse on the 
Pyramid sta…
Amy Winehouse on the Pyramid st…
With Pete Bennett (UK Big Brother …
With Pete Bennett (UK Big Brother…
Chemical Brothers lazers
Chemical Brothers lazers
Mika on the Other stage
Mika on the Other stage
22nd, 24th & 23rd June
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