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So, with the New Year comes new happenings. I am now living in Brooklyn - without my little angels. It's a bittersweet time for me but I know that they are happier living with my mom in Florida. I like my new place - it's a studio, but the bedroom has a door to separate it from the kitchen. I'm definitely enjoying having time for ME. I mean, I love my girls but it's so hard living an hour from work and not having grass for them, etc. But I'm ok with it. I think. I find that when I think about them, I try to move on to something else. I don't know if that's because I'm ok with it or because it hurts.....hhmmm....Anyway, I have a new haircut which I lllooovvee and am starting off the new year over 20lbs. lighter. So things are pretty good.

I'm having issues getting cable / internet setup. I signed up online with Verizon for phone/internet/cable for $99/month. They came out and setup the phone but then mailed me the equipment to setup the internet (what? I've always had a tech come out to my home). Anyway, they were supposed to send the modem and the filters so I could set it up, but they sent just the filters. I was like "what?" How am I supposed to set up anything without a modem? So I called to get that sent out to me. What a hassle! And then with the cable, it turns out Verizon doesn't even do cable and they farm it out to DirectTv. So now I have to wait to get a tech from DirectTV to come out to install my cable. What a pain! I've been in my place for over 2 weeks and still don't have cable! AAGGHHH!!!!

Another thing - when I first moved in to this place I had a parking place (which is unheard of for NY). The landlord parks in his driveway but never drives so he said I can park so I block him in. Yeah, baby! So my first week was so smooth and hassle free.....until THEY moved in. The couple above me. It first started with this past weekend - in the middle of the night at 2am - I was sound asleep by the way and guess who was moving furniture around? Yep, the couple upstairs. They have been paying rent since December but haven't been moved in until this week. Don't ask cause I don't know. Anyway, they decided that they would move in this weekend - during the night. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Finally, they are moved in. I come home from work one day to find them parked in my spot. I said "Can you move so I can park here?" The woman said "Who are you? You can't park here". I explained that the landlord said I could park there and that I pay extra for that spot. She said he told her that he doesn't like me park behind him and that he offered the spot to her. I know she's lying through her teeths. So every day this week she has been in my spot and every day I've made her move. She says she doesn't want to make trouble yet somehow she still does...I wonder. My landlord is great - he totally has my back, reinforcing that it's my spot. Anyway, he and I are going to talk on Sunday about this. I'll have to write about the outcome of this issue......

MomToscano says:
Are we going to get any photos of your new apt.?
Posted on: Mar 07, 2008
Scott_Toscano says:
Hey, it sounds like you're dealin. Keep the blog updates & pics coming. Inquiring minds want to know....
Posted on: Jan 27, 2008
MomToscano says:
Glad to see your update but sorry to hear of the cable and parking problems. I know how hard it must be to be without the girls but just know you did the right thing for them. Congrats on the weight loss and love the new hair style. Hope to see you this spring or summer when you visit Florida again.
Posted on: Jan 17, 2008
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