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This is the Arabella duet (me in the middle and Dawn bottom right)

So, the job hunt is still on - interviews left and right, temp assisgnments, etc. I'm on a 3-day assignment right now, hopefully the agency will have something for me when I'm done with this one. If not, it's back to interviews!

I just finished the New York Summer Opera Scenes program. It was tons of fun! It's so nice to be in that environment - around singers, performers, musicians.....I feel at home. It makes me wonder "what's next?" Even if I just end up taking lessons and coaching sessions with the directors from the program, it would be worth it. They are wonderful, intelligent, extremely talented people that everyone wants to be around. Including me. I've posted a couple pictures from the dress rehearsal.

My little animals are doing good - as always. They seem to have developed a "hearing loss" (as I call it.) They completely ignore me when I'm calling them - if they're going up the stairs and I don't want them to go and I call their names, they just keep on going like they didn't even hear me. I don't know why they have gotten so disobediant! It's very frustrating. Oh well.

That's about it for now. I'll post more later - perhaps I'll have a job by then!


GeorgetheFish says:
Anything new happening?
Posted on: Oct 19, 2007
Scott_Toscano says:
The opera program sound exciting and the pictures are great! Is there any recording of the performance that you can get a hold of for me (and anyone else who would want to see it)? I always enjoy hearing about you experiences in the opera world. Keep them coming.
Posted on: Aug 12, 2007
MomToscano says:
It was so exciting to see the photos of you at the dress rehearsal for the opera; this must make all the hard work worth it!!! I wish I could have seen the performance; it's always such a joy to hear your voice. Keep going to those interviews and something will turn up. Just want to let you know we miss you and the girls. Sounds like they have become very independent.
Posted on: Aug 08, 2007
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This is the Arabella duet (me in t…
This is the Arabella duet (me in …
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