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This state has everything going for it. And I feel so lucky that I'm only 2 hours away. A state where the accent "sounds" American but the spelling is definitely British, a state where you can have clotted cream tea against a coniferous Pacific Northwest backdrop, and a state where the best Punjabi dhabas have their emergency evacuation procedures written in French. That, my friends is British Columbia!

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May 7th, 2011Vancouver, Canada
May 9th, 2011Vancouver, Canada
June 18th, 2011Whistler, Canada
June 19th, 2011Whistler, Canada
July 2nd, 2011Whistler, Canada
July 3rd, 2011Victoria, Canada
April 28th, 2012Steveston, Canada
April 28th, 2012Vancouver, Canada
May 2nd, 2012Vancouver, Canada
May 3rd, 2012North Vancouver, Canada
May 26th, 2012Chemainus, Canada
May 26th, 2012Nanaimo, Canada
May 26th, 2012Duncan, Canada
May 27th, 2012Parksville, Canada
May 27th, 2012Coombs, Canada
May 27th, 2012Little Qualicum Falls Prov. Park, Canada
May 27th, 2012Port Alberni, Canada
May 28th, 2012Ladysmith, Canada
May 28th, 2012Duncan, Canada
July 7th, 2012Whistler, Canada
July 28th, 2012Vancouver, Canada
July 29th, 2012Vancouver, Canada
June 1st, 2013Victoria, Canada
May 27th, 2016Tofino, Canada
May 28th, 2016Tofino, Canada
May 29th, 2016Tofino, Canada
May 30th, 2016Port Alberni, Canada