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When we last left off my car was stranded at an airport parking lot with a dead battery, and the parking lot attendant wanted my waiver of responsibility form which mysteriously disappeared.

Well, getting home from the airport was quite fast thanks to the rude taxi driver we had. Why rude? I won't go into everything, but the ride ended with him not wanting to allow me to charge the ride home even though the cab had a sign that credit cards are accepted. I wouldn't have minded paying cash if the fare was ten or twenty dollars, but it was fifty-five dollars. I had to argue with the creep to get him accept my credit card. And then, he didn't like the tip I gave him and gave me more crap...he was lucky he received a tip at all!

Anyway, my car was picked up on Monday and taken to Tom's garage on Reisterstown Road. Within an hour he called me to say the car was ready. He explained my battery was dead, and that the main fuse was blown. All was replaced...well, not exactly all. He also said that my alarm system was not working properly and I would need to have Mazda check it out.

I picked the car, and it worked fine, except for the alarm system. I called Mazda and scheduled an appointment for them to look at the alarm system. Things were cool until I discovered...the car seemed to be working fine, but besides the alarm, the radio was not working nor were the dome light or the courtesy reading lights!

If a car's alarm and radio are not working after the experience my car had, then one could assume electrical damage occured to the car's system, but since the interior lights were also not working then one can assume it was a fuse or wiring issue. Thus I called Tom and he said to bring in the car and he will check all of the car's fuses.

I used the car for a day, and planned to bring it in the next day (today). Well, today I get into the car and low and behold, the car will not shift out of Park. I could turn on the car, but not shift into gear. Uh oh!

So, Tom is called and he says he will come to my house to look at it. How many mechanics do you know will do house calls?

He comes to the house, uses an overide button to get the car out of park and I drive it to his garage. He checks out the fuses and discovers that one fuse is blown, one is in a wrong slot, and the radio fuse is gone altogether!

He asks me who looked at the fuses. I tell him the only people who had access to the car was the tow truck driver and his people. He seems perplexed, but replaces all the fuses and finally everything is working like a charm.

He has no idea what happened to the radio fuse. He has no idea why the car suddenly was stuck in Park. He can't explain why the alarm system wasn't working. But now the alarm is working, the radio works, the lights work and the car shifts normally. All is well, so I don't care what happened or why.

Now, it is time to send a fax with the taxi, tow truck, and mechanic bills to the parking garage and hopefully get reimburssed for all expenses. Time will tell!

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