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I slept to about 9:00AM. When I woke up my wife was already up, as were my in-laws. My daughter was still asleep. It looked as though it would be a nice day. Run some errands, spend some time socializing, and maybe go to the pool or beach for an hour or two. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us, my in-laws had an appointment scheduled which took up most of the day.

Finally, late in the afternoon, my wife, daughter and I went for a swim at the pool.

When we returned, I volunteered to make dinner. Yep, it was 6:30PM, and we didn't have supper.

I began creating.
I needed some melted butter.
I took a tablespoon of butter, placed it in a cup, and microwaved it for 30 seconds.
The micro beeped.
I grabbed the cup...and never in mylife did I feel such pain.

It was as if the cup was on on fire.

I have burned myself with hot coals.
A fishing hook once thought my cheek was a piece of bait.
My thigh is missing a thumb size piece of flesh thanks to a wild box cutter.
Yes, I know pain.
Baseball bat into head, knee into groin, teeth marks on my shoulder (I won't even attempt an explanation).

Well, when I grabbed the cup from the microwave, it was so hot I was dumbfounded. Rather than immediately remove my hand, I kept my hand on the cup and thought "what the f...". A moment later reality took over, and I screamed "what the f...". I then lunged my hand under cool water, and knew it was problem time.

My fingers were burning.
The skin was turning colors
Blisters were forming.

Everyone felt sorry for me. They all had advise...aloe, bacitracin, cool water, emergency room, bandages.

I did nothing, except run my hand under cool water.
Eventually the pain subsided, but the blisters grew.

I expect to have five burn blisters come tomorrow morning. I will pop them and then feel better (or infect them and feel worse).

Oh, vacations are so much fun!

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It is 4:00AM as I begin writing today. In my previous entry I was in Reisterstown, Maryland. Now, I am sitting in Delray Beach, Florida. I arrived about three hours ago, and I spent the time troubleshooting, and fixing my in-laws computer. Word of advice, don't encourage your parents (or spouse's parents) to buy computers unless you want to spend the rest of your life fixing their problems.

The flight down was interesting. Our plane was delayed an hour, the time we arrived in in Florida, the airport's rental car desk was closed. On the plane my daughter asked for an extra pack of peanuts, and the stewardess came back with a sealed bag filled with dozens of peanut packs, and asked my daughter (with a smile) if that was enough peanuts for her.

My daughter said yes, and took the bag!

The rental car we were suppose to get was not available, so they gave us an upgrade. I am not sure if I am happy with the upgrade. I reserved a full size sedan, and received a SUV. It is nice, but I am not crazy about it.

When filling out the paper work, the clerk asked me if anyone else was going to drive the car. I said, yes--my wife. The clerk then said that would be an extra $9.95 a day. I took a long pause and told the clerk I was mistaken...only I will drive the car.

Well, I would like to chat some more, but I am in Florida. People here eat supper at 4:00 PM (in less than 12 hours from now). That means it is almost breakfast time. I better catch a little sleep because soon the house will be hustling and bustling. And the cries of "Honey, make sure you don't wake the children" will certainly awaken me.

Delray Beach
photo by: Stigen