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Well, the vacation is over. Our last days were spent in Delray Beach visiting with family. We also spent some time at the beach our last day. And then it was time to fly back to Maryland. We left for the airport at 6:30 PM for our 8:10 PM flight. Since we needed to return our rental car (and gas it up before returning it) some folks in the group were nervous about making it to the plane on time. Well, we got to the airport in plenty of time. In fact, as far as I am concerned we were there too early.

The flight was good. But the landing was rough. It was the worst landing I ever experienced. The plane came down with a jolt and a thud. Not too smooth. Perhaps we had one of those pilots you see sitting in the bar before a flight.

As soon as we came out of the terminal our shuttle to the parking lot arrived. Timing could not have been better. We were on a roll. Yes, no waiting for the shuttle. We were going to be home earlier than I expected...or would we???

We get to our car. I put in the key, and poof...the engine would not turn over. The battery needed a boost. Damn. But I looked to the bright side. We were not on a dark deserted highway. It was not raining. It was not cold. I had booster cables in the trunk, and the shuttle driver could give us a boost. So, a little set back. I could live with it.

The driver said I don't need to use my cables because he has a power pack at the office which he will get in a minute. Fine. No problem. So we wait.

When he returns he gives me a form to sign waiving away my rights to sue or ask for compensation if something goes wrong. Cool, I can live with that. All he needs to do is hook up the box to my battery and we will be on our way. I start completing the form when suddenly I see sparks flying out from under my hood!

Apparantly the driver did not know what he was doing and he connected the box incorrectly to my battery, and shorted out the battery entirely. Now it was completely dead!!!

Well, suddenly...somehow...don't ask me how...the waiver form I was given disappeared. The driver asked for it, but I couldn't find it. Was it in my car? Was it on the floor? Was it in my pocket? Hmm...who knows what happened to it? I certainly don't know where that waiver is. And what a shame for the parking lot, without that waiver I can get reimbursed for a new battery and the cost it took to take a cab from the airport to Reisterstown (which cost me $61.00 with a tip).

So, here I am, back in Reisterstown with my Mazda still at the airport parking lot. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow?
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photo by: freak0ut