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Don't pay attention to the title, because we actually sat on the mass transit for at least an hour or two.  The metro there stops at every street corner it seems, and possibly multiple times at every storefront.  It honestly is probably as fast walking around SF than taking their crazy local metro (the non-trolley things!). 

Eric and I went to SF for a day on the ultra-snazzy BART, and it was pretty awesome!  We went to the FREE grand opening of some museum, but of course the line was nearly 10 years long, and because we had less than a day, we decided to go elsewhere.  The next stop was Jamba Juice, and of course the power size deliciousness proved to be a worthy expenditure.  After gulping nearly a gallon of icy beverage, we visited the windiest spot in the western US (probably)- the beach.  It was soooooooooooooooo beautiful!  Huuuuuuuge waves and amazing wave formation along with expansive, wonderful sand was incredible.  However, there was nobody there!  NOBODY in the water!  I think this was due to a) the wind being like 10000000000000mph and freezing, b) the water being even colder than the wind.  We did see some hardcore faux-hippies wearing shorts and meditating or communing or something- brr!  We noticed that the plants there- sort of a tall grass thing that grows in the sand 50 yards from the ocean- all seemed to have back problems.  If you were a bio-chiropractor, you could make a serious killing on these grass-species.  They are bent over all the time (from the wind!).  Poor plants!

After beach, we managed to sneak on the transit system again WITH EXPIRED TICKETS!!!  The things were so slow, that we were about 2 minutes late getting on, but oh well!  It worked out and we saved $1.50.  We slowly chugged to downtown SF where we found a delightful Old Navy that seemed to have a sale, and more importantly, bathrooms.  The sale was for maternity clothing, but the bathrooms were just as good!  We met back outside (no group bathrooming, thanks) the toilet facilities and continued to trek northwards.  We went to this central square where they were promoting pink ribbon week.  The cool part, however, is this kid who did a crazy skateboard trick, jumping down about 5 or so steps.  The insane part is that his landing area was only the sidewalk (the width!), so he had to stop REALLY fast, or he woulda gone into the traffic, or at least a friendly trolley car.  His friends were all amazed, of course, and we hung around to see if he would do another trick, but he wouldn't and we were forced to instead stare at a trolley full of bridesmaids that seemed intent at waving at all of SF and cheering.  That sort of thing would never happen in LA, but I guess you could take the metrolink during rush hour and pound on the windows at the cars stuck in traffic and hope they see you and pound back.

We then ventured up to Chinatown- which was REALLY cool!  The main street seemed expensive and touristy, so we ventured over one block and found the REAL Chinatown!  The one with crazy fruits/vegetables and whole dried fish sitting in baskets outside the store.  We stopped in a bakery for lunch and I got this DELICIOUSSSSSSSSSSS fluffy onion roll thing.  The bread was SOOOOOOO soft and there were lightly cooked green onions on the top for just a hint of flavor.  This creation cost me 50 cents!  Eric spent slightly more on a pork-pasty that looked icky because of the red coloring dried on the side... ew.  He seemed envious of my food item, but I consumed most of it before he got a bit.  Haha!  Sorry, dude!!!  There were seriously a lot of crazy things on that street- so be sure to take the just-to-the-side-and-running-parallel-to-the-main-street-street if you ever get to Chinatown in SF.

We managed to make it to Little Italy as well, and there were a few people cursing, which seemed very Italian.  Has anybody noticed that Italians walk with a swagger?  How come?  New Yorkers are shamed by Italian swaggers.... c'mon!  This area was less exciting, and legs/feet were unhappy, so we walked back to the BART to go back.  Good times!

Oh, I met Eric's ladyfriend!  Hooray for comp. lit and having friends who play Smash all afternoon!

-the end

PS:  I played some Psychonauts that night.  omg that game is crazy- OWWOWOWOOWW  - it's also hilarious too!  I found some content in it that Eric hadn't- kids on drugs/drunk who perform little cheers for you... yay!
X_Drive says:
S.F. is a nice place to visit, but how can anyone (in their right mind) live there? Sounds like you and Eric had a blast!
Posted on: May 17, 2006
Eric says:
Yea, coming from Southern California, where it is sunny all the time and the beaches are actually hot, it can be quite depressing to go to Ocean Beach in SF and have to deal with frigid 50mph winds. It's also weird being at a beach where everyone is bundled up in jeans and a thick sweatshirt.And by "some Psychonauts" Ryan really means "8 hours of Psychonauts".
Posted on: Nov 06, 2005
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