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Okay so I know I was planning on updating this blog fairly frequently but all the traveling has gotten in the way of my coorespondece. Sorry!

Our first stop was in Amsterdam, where we met up with two friends, Johnny and his cousin Christian. It was such a blast. We rented bikes and rode all around the city. We visited the Van Gogh muesem and Vondell Park. The park was awesome because there were no cars there and so riding our bikes seemed much less life threatening. The city of Amsterdam is so beautiful. We sat and had coffee on the canal and watched the sun go down. I havent been anywhere in the states that is nearly as pretty. The Dutch people seem to really enjoy life. Its not so rushed.

After Amsterdam we headed off to Berlin. At first I wasnt as impressed by the city. Its not nearly as pretty as Amsterdam. But when you consider that it was at the center of 2 world wars it makes sense. It was also really cold and rainy. But on the second night we went on Pub crawl with 70 other tourists and that was a blast. I drank way to much German beer. And we got lost on the way back to the hostel, so we asked a random girl how to get to our place. She didnt know but invited us to her place where she had a map and some drinks. We ended up partying with her until the wee hours of the morning. It was so random but awesome.

After Berlin we went to Prague. By far the coolest city. It is the only major city in Europe that was never destroyed by bombs so the archetechture is unreal! I also really liked it because it is small enough to walk everywhere. We stayed at a super nice hostel called Miss Sophies. And we shared a room with 3 other girls. One of which, Sole, from Chile was so cool.

Currently we are in Firenze, or Florence and it is so unbearbly hot. Its hard to enjo the sites because it is so uncomfortable. But nonetheless it is a great city. We went up the Duomo which is one hell of a hike but so worth it. And today we went to the Uffzi which was cool but I have to admit I am so over paintings of Madonna and child. The Renissance is just not my favorite era for art.

Anyway we are headed to Cinque Terre tomorrow! I cant wait for some beach time. IT is much needed in this weather. I will try to update again soon!








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