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Today was a detox day. I've been so busy the last week, having full days and then going to events at night, I needed a day to just breath. And today was that day--sorta.

This morning I did go out for a class assignment. For travel writing we have to "get lost" so he gave us a random place to go to in/outside of London. I had to go to a museum in East London, which was undergoing renovations so I went in for like two minutes, saw everything they had, and left. I then had to walk along the Thames Pathway, which I've already done before. This time I decided to slow down, get lost in my thoughts, and really take in all the sights. Just once I wanted to be really, really observent and look at all the minute details around me. It was a nice change to really open my eyes and ears and just take everything in without feeling rushed, or trying to take tons and tons of pictures. I noticed little things like bird feathers stuck in barbed wire around a dock. How white the birds looked against the rocky sand.  And other corny little things which my professor will enjoy (it's all about developing your I and eye, he always says).

After doing the walk I planned on heading towards St. Pauls's and a nearby museum. However... I got stuck in an absolutely dreadfully horrible rainstorm. And, because I don't know how to properly operate an umbrella, I got absolutely soaked. Drenched. Looked like I jumped into a pool. It was somewhat embarrassing considering that couples huddled under one umbrella--even people without an umbrella--were dryer than I was. Like significantly dryer. I really need to learn how to use an umbrella one of these days. 

My jeans were soaked through and disgustingly clinged to my legs. I had to literally peal them off. And I could wring out water from my trenchcoat. It's still hang drying and probably won't be completely dry until tomorrow. It was horribly uncomfortable. At one point I thought, screw it, I'll just be like in a movie, walking in the rain. It's not like I can get any wetter than I already am. I took my umbrella down for two seconds and it was so icky I had to put it back up. I don't know how this romantic comedies make rain look so beautiful and romantic. It is not.

So yea, given the weather I felt okay saying no to St. Paul's and calling it a very short day. Of course by the time I got home, took a shower, and looked outside it was nice and sunny. And it hasn't rained since. So I guess I'm kicking myself a bit for not going (the clock is ticking away) but how was I to know it was going to be beautiful outside after that horrible storm?

The rest of the day I did two week's worth of laundry, straightened my stuff in my room (in the hopes that packing will be easier), and wrote my travel piece about my afternoon adventure since it was all fresh. I went with an angle which the BF says is corny, but I'm embracing the corniness. I talk about how I've been here so long yet seen lots of things but haven't really seen anything. I'm so obsessed with my camera/ipod that I get distracted. But going today sans technology everything was new and fresh; I noticed all these little details about the buildings/scenery/wildlife that I never would have noticed had I been listening to music/taking pictures.

Okay so I guess my piece is kinda cheesy, talking about how important it is to slow down and open your eyes, but I admit in the paper that I felt cheesy about it and inject some humor into it. I also don't end with an "oh my goodness, I'm so self-enlightened" tone, I end realistically. Hopefully he won't gag at it.

My roommate's at the midnight premiere of the Harry Potter book right now. I am so mad at myself for wasting the first month of summer and not rereading the first six books so I could be reading the seventh one now. Hypothetically I guess I could read the new one without reading the past ones, but there's so much I don't remember, so in my eyes there is just no way I can do the final book justice without reading the other ones. Plus, the longer I wait the longer I have to experience new HP. (That's why I waited months and months and months to watch season 6 of Sex and the City--I couldn't bear the idea of never having a new episode to watch).

So, getting to read Harry Potter: reason #292599 I cannot wait to come home!

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photo by: ulysses