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Today I had class times two. I decided to wear my rainboots again today because it was grey this morning so surely it would rain sometime today. Sun, sun, and more sun. I'm a complete moron.

So tonight my suitemate and I went to this acrobat show called Smaller, Poorer, Cheaper. Wow... where to begin. Well there were acrobats. Naked. Completely fully naked. That was... interesting. And distracting. But nakedness aside, the show was pretty entertaining with some pretty impressive tricks. The music was really weird and the whole naked thing was really, really weird but I'd say overall I liked it. It was definitely an experience.

I thought about describing some of the tricks, but they really don't sound good/make sense on paper. The only one that I can really explain wasn't really an acrobat trick at all. One of the men did a magic trick that my dad's done many times before--stuffing a scarf into his fist and making it disappear. In fact, my dad even told me how it's done. So anyway, you know those old Charlie Chaplin movies where the people act in fast forward and then the screen goes blank with the words? Well he was doing the trick like in that fast forward way which was kind of awesome. Really awesome. However... not so awesome when he started getting naked while doing the trick. Full frontal naked. While doing the trick that my dad does. The trick that makes me think of my dad. Very unpleasant. Oh, so very unpleasant.

Before I saw the show I thought I might review it for class. But after seeing it the only possible review I could write would be: "You have to see it to believe it." And it's true. How can I really express in words what it's like to see a naked woman jump rope using her arm as rope and a naked man roller skate? You just have to see it to believe it.

cooldad says:
Hmm...doing he trick naked? I never thought of that!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2007
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photo by: ulysses