Day Thirteen

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Probably one of my most uneventful days. Went to classes. Nothing exciting enough to mention in here. This afternoon there was a little street fair set up on one of the side streets off of Clerkenwell so I stopped by on my trip between classes. I finally caved in and bought blueberries (I've been eyeing them at the grocery store and street markets, but they were always too expensive). SO DELICIOUS. I swear, the fruit here is ten times better than at home. I'm starting to get spoiled.

I was going to try to go to Mark Morris's Mozart Dances tonight but my Arts teachers said something about it being sold out so I didn't feel like schleping all the way there in hopes of getting a return ticket. But I do want to see a dance performance while I'm here. I think I'll wait to see Sleeping Beauty, which will be coming at the end of July. It seems like a lot of the things I want to see here don't start until the end of July. I guess I'll be a busy girl my last couple weeks.

Okay, so I noticed something the first day I arrived here and never posted it online. There are SO SO many Subways in London (as in the fine dining establishment). Is it because Britons are healthier than Americans? Are sub sandwiches the British version of Big Mac and fries? Or are there lots of McDonald's around here that I'm just not noticing?

Literally, there are 4-5 Subways along the 25 minute walk to class. And I've only seen two McDonald's that I know of... Trafalgar Square and West End, which are probably there more for the tourists than for the locals. I've seen an ad for Burger King but I don't think I've seen any during my two weeks here. So... what gives? I'm not a fast food fan in the least so it's not like I'm going through McDonald's withdrawal symptoms. I just find it odd. In a good way. Honestly, I'd take a Subway meatball sub (as long as it has mozzerella cheese) over McDonald's anyday.

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photo by: ulysses