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I'm exhausted even though I didn't do much today. Went shopping along Oxford, Regent, and Bond Streets... Dorothy Perkins, Primark, Topshop, etc. Primark and Topshop were incredibly overwhelming. Primark was dirt, dirt cheap but the crowds were absolutely ridiculous. Massive lines for the registers. 40 people at least. Needless to say I didn't get anything. It wouldn't have been worth it to wait in line for 15 minutes unless I got a significant amount of stuff.

Topshop was also too much for me to handle. First off, everything was out of my price range. Cute t-shirts, but they were 35 pounds. They weren't even that special. Sure they were kinda cute, but not $70 cute. It'd be pretty difficult for a t-shirt to be cute enough to justify spending $70 anyway.

After a while I just stopped looking at the pricetags because I knew I couldn't afford anything anyway. But even if I could afford more than, say, a hair tie there was just too much to choose from. There were 4 floors that literally went on forever. Just mile after mile after mile of clothing. Some of it, like I said, was cute. Some of it was pretty trendy. And then some of it was pretty horrifying. Criminal actually. Their sunglasses for example. The most redonkulous things I've ever seen. And they weren't cheap either. They were like $36 neon day glo sunglasses that looked like they were straight off of a cracked out UFO. I should have just stuck around to see if anybody actually bought a pair. And then point and laugh.

So after a solid 3 hours all I got was... drumroll please... a pashmina and coin purse. Total damage? 4 quid 50p. Not too bad. I'll just have to use all the money I saved on a show.

But onto more exciting news I may be going to Milan in a couple weeks! So that's how I spent the majority of my evening--going massive amounts of research. Ryan Air has cheap ass flights to Milan... around $113 roundtrip. Not too shabby. Including airfare, transportation to/from the airport in London, and 2 nights at a hotel (but not including transportation to/from the airport in Milan) it comes out to $230 per person. I'm not an experienced globe traveller so my opinion shouldn't be taken too seriously... but I don't think that's too bad. Entirely doable. Hopefully I can have stuff booked in the next few days.

Right now I'm ridiculously tired, don't know why. I think I'll go to bed. Of course I say that now, but I'll probably be up a couple more hours. Damn facebook...

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