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Pretty uneventful day, not much to update on. I went to two classes today. For my travel writing our next assignment is to write about a cheaper than cheap thing to do in London. I think I'm going to talk about Bus #11. If you ride the bus the entire route you pass all the famous site... St. Pauls, Trafalgar Square, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, etc. I'm going to go with the angle, if you don't have the time or the money to do it all, here's a great, cheap way to get some photos and at least see it all. I'm going to ride the bus tomorrow and make some notes. Then I'll write it up tomorrow and half my homework will be done for the week and I can relax!

For my arts class we have to review Othello at the Globe, which we don't see until Saturday night. So even if I wanted to get to work ahead of time (which I do, that way I can have my weekend free) I can't. And I'm kind of nervous about reviewing Othello. I'm not good at understanding Shakespere without reading and rereading it myself. I also get bored at dramas especially when the show in question happens to be OVER THREE HOURS. Ack. We better not have standing seats because 1. that would mean NYU is dirt cheap 2. that would mean I would have to be standing for 3+ hours 3. that would mean I would get wet if it rained. I'm just disappointed overall because I really liked my Avenue Q review this week and I was looking forward to reviewing Dirty Dancing. I guess that will just have to wait until next week...

On a random note I felt like an idiot today. It was grey when I woke up and given London's track record I was sure it was going to rain sometime today. So I wore this cute outfit and wore jeans tucked into my rainboots. I've only worn my rainboots one other time since I got here and I wanted to make sure I wore them enough to justify lugging them across the pond. So I wore them. And it was sunny. When I came home I thought about changing shoes but I knew if I did it would start pouring. So I kept them on. And it continued to be sunny all day. The one frigging day it doesn't rain is the day I wear rainboots. Go figure. I'll have to be more selective the next time I think about wearing them.

Onto another random note, so my dad sent me the links to American Big Brother videos online. UGH. I'm addicted! I haven't watched any TV since I got here and now I'll be watching three hours a week. You suck! Well... I take it back. I guess it's kind of good because it will give me something to do at nights besides read Perez. And it's pretty entertaining. Lots of young beautiful people so, naturally, I'll have tons of people to hate.

And, I must admit,  being overseas I have a new perspective on the show. I used to laugh at the people who would start crying and breaking down after two days because they missed their kids or their families or whatever. But the first day when I was in London frantically trying to find a way to contact home I could understand what they meant. I didn't have Internet, and I eventually had a phone card but no cell phone. Being just briefly stripped of my means of communication to the people I know took a toll on me fast. So I can honestly sympathize with those people who after two days of not talking to their families freak out. It must be rough going from Internet, cell phone, TV, newspaper to NOTHING. Those two days without Internet I literally went insane. I kept clicking the icon waiting for it to work. Waiting. Waiting. Nothing. I didn't even have anything pressing to go online for, I just felt so out of the world. So it may look like all fun and games in the Big Brother house, but they must be bored out of their frigging minds. I couldn't do it.

I always thought I would do well on a reality show. Maybe not Big Brother because that requires you to be hmm likeable and nice to people, but I thought that I could handle Amazing Race. What a, well, amazing opportunity to travel around the world for free, do things that not anyone can do, and possibly win a million bucks. Well the combination of traveling to foreign places, which I realize isn't the best thing for me, and not being able to talk to people back home... I'm starting to think I wouldn't be the best contestant. What a shame... I'm really in the mood for $1 million.

cooldad says:
I guess I won't need to get the live feed for next year's Big Brother. I still think you and mom would have fun on the "Great Race" whether you won the million bucks or not!
Posted on: Jul 10, 2007
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