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Oásis Atlântico Imperial Hotel

I went for the first time to is a country that i never had any curiosity to go to, but finally this year I decided to spend some days there. I decided to go there because of my lack of vitamin D (AKA Sun), so I went with a dutch friend (that went there already twice) for 15 days to Fortaleza (apparently it’s the sex capital in Brazil). I was in the need to rest…a lot. The bohemian life in the Hague was killing me so the best place to rest was definitely a warm and sunny place.


We decided to go in the beginning of February since the weather in the Netherlands was everything but nice.

Oásis Atlântico Imperial Hotel


After all the bureaucratic "mambo jambo" in the airport (check-in, customs control, security check, changing money) we were ready for the trip…a 11 hour trip!!! A problem when doing the reservation had put us back in Coach instead of Business class, and believe me that in a 11 hour flight 5 cm extra room for your legs make all the difference. ;-)   We left Schiphol and it was raining (what a surprise)…this flight would take 11 hours since we would go first to Natal and only then to Fortaleza. We arrived at Natal around 1 a.m. (we were suppose to arrive 4 hours earlier but the flight was late), and it was soooo hot…it was easily 30 degrees! After spending 1 hour in Natal we were again flying to our final destination.


I have to say something about the Fortaleza customs service….a disgrace! Imagine…200 passengers arriving quite late, tired, and they had 1 counter with one police officer with a attitude problem to check our passports. The second counter was exclusively for Brazilians (around 60). It took me and my friend almost 1 hour to have a stamp in our passports!! After picking up my suitcase I had another surprise…I’ve been “chosen” to have my suitcase checked again by the local authorities (since Schiphol hasn’t enough security!!!). So there I was at 4 in the morning having my suitcase going thru the x-ray one more time just to check if I was a drug dealer or was carrying some guns in my bag!!! After being cleared out we went straight to the hotel by private bus with eco (necessary at all time since it was 4:30 in the morning and it was 31 or 32 degrees).


We arrived, did the check in, I took a shower and went to sleep just for a few hours since a king breakfast was waiting for me downstairs....

dylan201 says:
lol sounds like a good time
Posted on: Jun 28, 2011
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Oásis Atlântico Imperial Hotel
Oásis Atlântico Imperial Hotel
Oásis Atlântico Imperial Hotel
Oásis Atlântico Imperial Hotel
photo by: bilbia