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This afternoon our aim was to reach Kamloops, so after leaving Jasper, we set off on this beautiful drive. We were admiring the scenery and of course taking photos, a lot from the car, when we saw one car stopped, so we slowed down, and yes, there was another bear but I think this one was a Cinnamon coloured black bear. It was bit further away than the Grizzly bear had been and there weren't the large number of people around, so it wasn't getting aggitated, it just kept eating and we kept taking photos. We were so excited, this was the 3rd bear we had seen today. It was in an area of I think Black Diamond, where they do river cruises so that you can see bears. We didn't stop to do the cruise.


We were on a mission to get to Kamloops, so other than stopping to see bears and of course, stopping for food, we kept going. We then spotted across a lake, A mother bear and 2 cubs. We were quite a distance away and across the road and the lake, and although I tried to get the camera out in time, the mother bear knew we had stopped, so she stood up and looked around before turning and walking off with the cubs. Now we were really excited! 6 bears in one day, although only got photos of 2.

Finally, we reached Kamloops, now we had to look for accomodation. We drove around for a while, and finally went into a hotel. We were happy with it so that is where we decided to stay. The room had a microwave, so we had planned to heat something up for our dinner. We went for a little walk first, and forgot about what we had planned, duhhh, so we went into the restaurant of the hotel and sat down, got a glass of water while we checked the menu.

By this time, we had started to decide what we would have to eat, then I realised that we didn't need to order a meal. How embarresing! Mae and I then decided that maybe we should order a salad and ask if we could take it to our room, then we could have it with the cabbage rolls that we were going to have! The waiter said that it was no problem having a salad and taking it to our room, so Mae ordered a salad. We waited til it was brought out to us and we nearly fell over when we saw the size of the salad. It was huge! Luckily we had only ordered 1 salad.  We went back to our room but before we had a chance to put our dinner in the microwave, all the electricty in the area went out! Well, at least we had a salad to eat. The power was out for a couple of hours, so no tv, no coffee or tea! Well, when the power came back on, we didn't need to microwave anything, the salad had been plenty and was nice. We were thankful that we hadn't been in the lift when the power went out. Andrew had been caught in the lift on the cruise ship and Mae had been caught in the lift in the hotel in Astoria. Yes, it has been an eventful trip. :)

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We were all excited seeing the bea…
We were all excited seeing the be…
Our salad!
Our salad!
No Power!
No Power!
photo by: Wildswan22