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I went back to the ferry. I went to the lounge trying to read for the 10th time my dragonlance book. I had an hour to kill till we arrive to Stokmarknes, (3.500 populations). We had an hour stop here. Before we docked there was a sign “sakte fart” HAHAHAHAHA. This is the home of the Hurtigruten museum. This is where Richard With, the founding father, established Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab in 1881.


We walked around the town. My mum always stops in a “mix” or “narvesen” to buy English newspaper or magazines. We stopped in a bakery to buy a cream puff and a pancake with goat cheese. I wanted something different. Norway has the best cream puffs.

It is not sweet. I could eat it. I was going to eat it with tea on the ferry. We covered the town in 30min. we went inside the hurtigruten museum to look at the souvenir shop. There was plenty of people from the ferry was in there. There was life size polar bear in the store. Some of us were taking turns taking pictures with it. Then with lost track of time, we had 5min to get to the boat. We were rushing to get to the ferry. There were 6 of us. I was the last on to get on. Then the gate attendant said we were the only 6 that were missing. WOW that was close.


My mum and I went to deck 8 to eat out snacks till we enter the Raftsund and enter the Trollfjord, it is 2 km long and only 100 meter wide at its mouth on the west side of Raftsund.

That cream puff was so yummy with my tea. This fjord is the famous one. This is the fjord that they put in tour books to show what a Norway fjord cruise looks like. I took some great shots of the entrance. We were entering the Lofoten islands. Raftsund is a 20km long strait which forges through the rocks between Hinnoya and Austvagoy. While we were in the bow of the ferry, I felt like the weight of the ferry tilting forward. Everybody was outside looking at the beautiful view of the fjord and the mountains. It was cold but nobody cared. 45min has passed; we got an announcement that the people who joined the “sea eagle safari” to meet at deck 4 to meet with the tender. We saw the tender from a distance to pick us up.
We were going to meet the ferry in Svolvaer. This was a 3hr tour, EEEEEEEEK that sounded like Gilligan’s island. HAHAHAHA.


I waved, bye bye, at everybody on the “mother ship” HAHAHAHA. It was cool watching the ferry from the tender. I took a bunch of pictures of the boat in that angle. There were about 30 of us on the tender. We entered the Trollfjord. WOW it was just like on those tour books but better. The mountains were tall and majestic. There were small waterfalls coming down the side of the cliff side. There was snow on the top. Then, we all turned around and saw the ferry coming in the Trollfjord too. We all looked at each other, very puzzled. Why did we pay this excursion if the ferry was going in here too? Well, the difference is, the ferry is too big to go close to the end of the fjord.

hmmmmmm cream puff and pancake with goat cheese
We were able to get close. We saw jellyfishes. All different shapes and sizes, I did not know they can survive in very cold water. I saw an octagon shaped jellyfish with a red top. It was very cold in front of the boat. The tender were serving coffee, tea, and cookies. We watched the ferry enter the fjord. It passed by us and yelled at the people in the ferry. “Did you see jellyfishes from up there?” we separated from the ferry. We started to see the sea eagles. The guide was also feeding the grey sea gulls. They were gliding near the tender and the guide. They we spotted the sea eagles. The guide started waving a huge mackerel in the air to get the sea eagle’s attention. The guide threw it in the water. Then all of us snapped our cameras to when the sea eagle grabbed the fish from the water with its sharp claws.
the Hurtigruten museum
There was about 2 then 3 then 4 then 6 sea eagles, it different sizes and colored tails. There was one adult sea eagle, you can tell by the white tail. The guide said we were lucky to see so many sea eagles. During this time it is breeding season. I look some good shots. Some were blurry. My motion option of my camera was not working. It kept on turning off my camera. I got a good shot of the sea eagle grabbing the fish from the water. I gave up after a few shots. I just took pictures of the sea gulls and the beautiful mountains and view. I just watched the sea eagle with my binoculars. The best camera moment was when the guide threw the fish in the air and sea eagle caught it in mid air and flew off. It was so sudden that no one got that shot. It was funny the sea gulls tries to eat the fish. The fish was too heavy and it does not have claws. The sea eagles are so beautiful. I could not stand the cols anymore and I went inside and had tea and cookies. Then everybody wanted to hang out inside. The tour ended in Svolaer.  It was perfect timing. My camera battery died on me. I took some many pictures since Tromso.

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hmmmmmm cream puff and pancake wit…
hmmmmmm cream puff and pancake wi…
the Hurtigruten museum
the Hurtigruten museum
richard with, the founder of hurti…
richard with, the founder of hurt…
a baby stroller outside a pub HAHA…
a baby stroller outside a pub HAH…
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