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We were approaching Honningvag, (2,800 population). Unfortunately, it was getting dark. We arrived at 8pm.  I wanted to see the Svaerholtklubben, which is one of Norway’s largest birdrocks. and Finnkjerka, finn-church, which is said to be the most graceful sea-cliff in Norway. It would be 11pm by the time the ferry got there. The good part is that we are in the most northern point. We have a 90% chance we will see the aurora borealis late at night. I will stay up for that one. I will report in the morning. HAHAHAHA.


We went to eat dinner before went out for a walk. Instead of a “set sitting” and 3 course dinners, we had a “open sitting and buffet dinner.

It was the same set up when we arrived on the ferry “day 1”. My lobsters and poached salmon are back. I ate about 8 lobster tails. They added cream of reindeer, vanilla ice cream cake with chocolate drizzled over it, a cheese danish and a sweet roll with vanilla cream. WOW that was yummy. I like the “set sitting” better. I rather be served. The portions are smaller. It has a gourmet touch.


It was 8:30pm; we went out for a walk. There is nothing to see in Honningsvag. There are North Cape museum, a church and tourist info. It was Friday night and there was nothing going on in this town. There was a bunch of kids hanging out the “mix” a convient store, just like 7-11.  We did however, went to a brewery where the locals hangs out. The sign says “the most northern microbrewery.” It’s called the Bryggerie. Unfortunately, the beer is not ready to drink on tap. We just bought the mug instead. I would like to go to a market, to bring back a can of Mack and Nordlands beer. We stayed till 10:30pm. We are waiting for the people who are doing the North Cape excursion. Then we are off the Kirkenes in the morning. I hope to see some “northern lights” [crossing fingers]

tvillingmarit says:
Can I understand it so you are eating you up and down the Norwegian coast?
Posted on: Sep 22, 2007
mellemel8 says:
hee hee check out the picture i added of the chocolate volcano cake.
Posted on: Sep 21, 2007
mpmurph133 says:
Seriously...you need to say more about what this "cream of reindeer, vanilla ice cream cake with chocolate drizzled over it, a cheese danish and a sweet roll with vanilla cream." tasted like!
Posted on: Sep 21, 2007
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the hang out at the mix
the hang out at the "mix"
chocolate volcano cake
chocolate volcano cake
photo by: Paulovic